Lashing Strap - Guspako long lever

Lashing Strap - Guspako long lever

Product Description

Tensioning lashing straps with the right tensional force could be left to the operator's feeling. Or one takes a Guspako long lever with turning moment. Rothschenk's variety contains an additional, innovative anti-slip securement.

Tensioning lashing straps by hand is a common practice, but strictly speaking it is not an absolutely reliable load securement. The required hand forces for a proper tension cannot reliably be reached by the operator without a measuring instrument.

The Guspako lashing aid has two key advantages. On the one hand, the demanded hand force of 50 daN is exactly reached. On the other hand, due to the elongated lever an operating force of only 20 daN is necessary.

Warned by a sound, the operator is signalized when the required hand force is reached and is not tempted to make use of too much or too less tensional force. Often, without a guspako, the values on the loading are too high, what could damage it.

Moreover, with a guspako, you avoid making use of unfitting lever extensions. Especially in terms of working safety, this is a key advantage. Additionally, we offer an additional optimization for this field: the slide-off guard. A special mechanism avoids accidental slipping when tensioning the lashing. By that you are further secured from injuries.

  • exact tensioning- / hand forces
  • easy application due to leverage
  • increased working safety
  • additional slide-off guard
  • ratchets are spared


  • for lashing straps with 50 mm band width
    and a handle lever width up to 112 mm
  • with slide-off guard
  • Size tolerance +/- 2%
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