[R] INSTRUCT Load Securement Online Seminars bookable now (German Language)

Ladungssicherung Online-Seminare Schulung | Rothschenk

[R] INSTRUCT Load Securement Online Seminars bookable now (German Language)

Load securing online seminars: Better by far

Online seminars have not only been on the rise since Corona. In addition to the obligation to instruct the loading staff, authorized officers and managers must also take the health of the employees into account. How do you combine both without risk?

Rothschenk already addressed this problem in 2019 and conceptually planned the [R] INSTRUCT online seminars for load securing and implemented them digitally in August 2020.

  • Certificate according to VDI 2700 ff / CTU Code (if desired)
  • bookable at any time in the shop
  • usable at any time on the PC
  • own account
  • no travel cost
  • no hotel costs
  • familiar working environment at your site

You can book these two seminars immediately:

Trailer for the webinars


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Video part 6: from the module truck VDI 2700ff - Full length!


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Learning Video 6 (german) - Lashing Straps - NOW FREE!

One of the seminars that can be booked online on our store is dedicated to the topic: Securing loads in trucks

We have decided to make one of the 9 instructional videos free to provide you with up-close instruction on load securing on the truck.

In video number 6, the industrial master motor transport and driving instructor Christian Schmid devotes himself to the aspect of lashing straps.

Treated there:

Minute 0:36 Distinguishing features
Minute 2:35 The label and its indications
Minute 4:52 Tear tests in the test center
Minute 14:05 Application notes
Minute 17:13 Monitoring the safety means

What is the difference between compression and long lever pull ratchet? Does a knot in the webbing weaken the lashing strap? What is a pretensioning force? And what is the discard age of a lashing strap, i.e. when does it need to be replaced?

A cool mix of theory and practice directly on the truck, along with sequences straight from the Rothschenk Test Center will provide you with first-hand professional knowledge on this important topic.

Special offer: All 9 videos with 50% discount

  • Tutorial video 1-9 Truck load securing according to VDI 2700ff
    (each approx. 20-30 min.) for only 99.- € (statt 190.- € net)
  • Always free in advance: Video 6 for free viewing in full length (german)

Load securement in the container according to the CTU code

Certified instructors

Videos straight from practice

Clearly conveyed basics

Digital meets heavy metal

Load securement in trucks according to VDI 2700 ff

Legal basis for liability

Ladungssicherung Online-Seminare | Rothschenk

Numerous practical tips included

Ladungssicherung Online-Seminare | Rothschenk

Physical basics

Ladungssicherung Online-Seminare | Rothschenk

Working material is explained

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