Rothschenk provides heavenly assistance

Rothschenk provides heavenly assistance

AUB. 24.08.2020

More than 300 years ago a - now canonized - clergyman was thrown from a Prague bridge into the Vltava River. According to legend, he did not want to break the confessional secret and was punished for it. Since then he has been the patron saint of the bridges.

So that at least the thing with the fall would not happen again, Rothschenk was called in as a specialist for load securing when it came to the transport of a statue of St. Nepomuk.

The challenge here was to ensure that the saint was fixed in place gently and with maximum stability during transport. Secured with 4-layer airbags, the valuable statue was transported from the stonemason in W√ľrzburg to the new location in Markelsheim at the bridge - with success.

Do you also have a special transport to handle? Please contact us. We will find a solution for you.

Until then you will find more information about our powerful airbags here. For the life story and the legend of St. Nepomuk we recommend the Wikipedia-Site..

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