Load securement for trucks

A truck with an open container at the loading ramp at the G&H GmbH Rothschenk warehouse.

(R) LaSi Nets

Safety and covering nets.

The Safety nets are made of polypropylene tape. For them are available as equipment pointed hooks, if necessary with security, and ratchets for tensioning / fixing.

The Cover nets are offered without any further securing function for light goods. The nets are available with different mesh sizes, for example for covering recycling containers.

Safety net: Depending on the requirement.

Cover net: Dimensions depending on vehicle size/application. Mesh size: 20mm to 100mm. Material thickness: 1.5mm to 4.0mm. Material:: High strength polypropylene. All nets with fixed edge. Fastening via rubber tension or edge lines.

Truck load securement - parting wall locks

Fast. Faster. Intermediate wall lock - For securing loads in trucks and transport vehicles. This serves as a locking bar across the direction of travel and is released and repositioned in a flash using simple lever technology. Ideal for short-haul transport. Application of intermediate wall locks: Rothschenk intermediate wall locks are a time-saving solution for delivery traffic. These are hooked into the dropside boards at right angles to the direction of travel and fastened with [...]

Truck load securement - nets

Truck load securing nets prevent the load from being thrown out, e.g. when the tipper body is open. The net stretches over the entire loading area and reliably fixes the load in place. The net load securing truck is available in any size. Application of securing nets: Securing nets are always used when cargo is small in size or secured over a large area [...]

Truck Load Securement - Lashing Straps

Lashing straps are the tried and tested classic in load securement - ideal for lashing down goods in trucks or vans. Available as a robust ratchet or an ergonomic long lever pull ratchet. Use of lashing straps: With Rothschenk's two-part lashing straps made of polyester fabric and with claw hooks, you can secure your load on trucks and transport vehicles quickly and easily.

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