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[R] Rothschenk: Reliable partner in the crisis.

Despite Corona: We are hereWe produce.We deliver.

Our Promise

We won't let you down.

Despite the worldwide raw material crisis, we are there for you. Our stocks are full. Right now it shows how good it is to have Rothschenk as a sole supplier for load securing always on its own Production site in Germany has held:

  • own production with 90 employees
  • large storage capacity for finished products
  • Production raw materials in large quantities in stock
  • no border restrictions - inner German site
  • flexible in every situation thanks to our own production

We are manufacturers with Made in Germany.

Our commercial employees are currently in "home office". The best way to contact us is by email:

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We can deliver:
  • Our inventory was increased to the maximum
  • The shipment of goods to the end customer is secured
  • Existing supply chains are currently without any significant delays
  • Our raw material stores are filled - we can therefore produce individually on site
  • Extensive hygiene measures ensure the company's performance
Raw material warehouse
Ability to deliver

Made in Germany.

Securement is important for us. To transfer the high-quality standards of our products on new developed articles, we value detailed tests. Our Videos impressively demonstrate our performance of load securement.

The Corona crisis has a firm grip on the world. The production of goods is one aspect of supplying the population - but shipping with reliable load securing is also part of it. As a company, we want to make our contribution so that the transport of goods can continue to be handled reliably.

Our load securement not only consists of dunnage bags and lashing restraint systems for container shipping, but also lashing straps and anti-slip mats for truck transport or important lashing equipment such as barrel securement when transporting chemical substances. Rothschenk therefore has a very wide range of load securement products and is represented by customers in almost all industries.

It has always been important to the company to invest in the production site in Germany. On the one hand to be able to act innovatively with new developments (test facilities, prototype construction, certifications), but also to be able to access customer requests as quickly as possible.

In the current Corona crisis, this decision is the right one. Because we don't have our products produced exclusively abroad. We are the only supplier for load securement manufacturers with a production site in Germany.

Border closures and the resulting supply shortage therefore have less of an impact on our ability to deliver. Our raw material stores are filled and we can also switch to alternative products. The individual production at our Aub location enables a reaction to new developments in the economic situation at any time.

However, we cannot completely rule out any delays that may occur. But reduce to a minimum. Thanks to load securement. Made in Germany.

Francisco Jimenez

Francisco JimenezHead of Customer Center / Distribution Logistics

Cathrin Lange

Cathrin LangeCostumer Center

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