Promotional video for the region

Die Lichter am Containerset.

Promotional video for the region

Aub. 10.08.2021

Our region is one of the sunniest in Germany. The flat land lets you effortlessly gaze into the distance and the people are down-to-earth.

The district of Lower Franconia - which also includes Aub - has a lot to offer. In addition to a good infrastructure, the aspect of good local employers also plays a role in deciding whether to move here.

In order to convey the attractiveness of the region to the outside world, the city of Aub had an image video created. In addition to numerous impressions of the country and its people, it also provides an insight into the production of our production site in Germany.

As one of the largest employers in the region, genuine "Made in Germany" is still produced here in Lower Franconia. This ensures quality for the customer and jobs for the community.

Shortly you can watch the video here. You can find first impressions below.

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