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Areas of Application

In this application fields Rothschenk offers suitable and immediately usable solutions.
Chemische Produkte sichern - Eine Zeichnung eines Containers mit IBC beladen, die mit einem Staupolster in Übergröße, Pappkantenschutzwinkeln und Gurtbändern gesichert ist.


Square. Safe. Good.

You want to transport liquids in IBCs? Our new [R] Red Lash is cost-efficient - in every aspect.

Zeichnung eines 20 Fuss Containers beladen mit zweistöckig Fässer 4er Lashing Rothschenk Individuallösungen



Whether it is a securement of barrels on a pallet or in a bond in a container, our restraining systems have proven their reliability millions of times.

Einstöckig Hohe Holzkisten, 2er Lashing Rothschenk Individuallösungen


Load securement. The entire pallet.

The classic in load securement - correspondingly high is our experience and the number of perfect fitting solutions for it.

Zeichnung eines 20 Fuss Container beladen mit 20 Big Bags Rothschenk

Soft packaging

Hard shell. Soft core.

You are not familiar with our [R] Lashing Tec, yet? Then it's about time to revolutionize your loading situation together.

Container Test

Individual solutions

Analysis. Development. Roll out.

You need a special solution? As a manufacturer, you get technically sophisticated and outstanding solutions first-hand from us.

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