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Sophisticated solutions for securing barrel loads

Plastic or steel drums present a particular challenge during transport. This is mainly due to the fact that drums have a relatively high center of gravity and are therefore not particularly stable. For this reason, efficient load securing of drums is just as necessary when transporting hazardous goods as it is when transporting drums empty. This is even required by law, namely by Section 22 of the Road Traffic Regulations.

In order to exclude hazards for the driver, the load or other road users from the outset when transporting drums, adequate load securing of drums must ensure that they cannot slip, fall over or roll around uncontrollably even during emergency braking or sudden steering movements. The legal requirements are specified in various regulations, such as VDI Guideline 2700, DIN EN 12195 and DGUV Regulation 70 (formerly BGV D29). It is permissible, for example, to secure barrels with lashing and tensioning straps, which are used to secure the barrels stably to a load-bearing loading device (Euro pallet, CP3 pallet).


A well-rounded solution: the [R] barrel securing device for securing barrels on a pallet.

Our [R] drum securing system provides you with a mature, tried-and-tested and efficient solution for securing the loads of drums with a diameter of 600 mm, which is suitable for steel and plastic drums. Whether as a particularly cost-effective one-way or sustainable reusable solution - with our [R] drum securing, the efficient load securing of drums can be realized quickly and without problems.

If you transport drums only sporadically or in one-way traffic, one-way drum securing is a cost-effective and easy-to-use load securing solution. A prefabricated, 50 mm wide strap made of tear-resistant polyester fabric is placed over the drum and fixed to the pallet with a strapping band. This allows you to secure up to two 200-liter drums side by side on a Euro pallet and transport them as a load unit.

If you regularly transport barrels, whether by forklift in internal traffic or by truck in factory traffic, reusable systems are a good choice. We offer you an inexpensive reusable solution, which is made of high-quality PES webbing throughout. The application is similar to the one-way drum securing system: The prefabricated upper part of the load securing system is simply placed over the drum, then the webbing with clamp lock is pulled through the pallet and then the system is tightened.

The [R] drum securing with sewn-on clamp locks is usually perfectly adequate for internal transport. In order to minimize risks during longer transports of drums by truck, we recommend an even more stable solution: Here, the upper part of the [R] drum securing is combined with a high-quality Rothschenk lashing strap. The [R] lashing strap STF-400 made of 35 mm wide polyester fabric complies with EN 12195-2 and can be brought to the required tension quickly and without effort using the pressure ratchet.

R] drum securing is a CTU-compliant system and is also approved in the field of dangerous goods loading. The application is quick and easy; the load securing of drums can easily be applied by a single person. In addition to prefabricated systems for round steel and plastic drums, as an innovation leader in the field of load securing we also offer individual adaptations of our systems according to your requirements or develop special solutions for your transported goods.

If you have any questions about securing drums, just send us an e-mail at or visit us in beautiful Franconia.

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Securing Chemical Products - A drawing of a container loaded with IBCs secured with an oversized stowage pad, cardboard edge protectors and webbing.


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You want to transport liquids in IBCs? Our new [R] Red Lash is cost-efficient - in every aspect.

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Whether it is a securement of barrels on a pallet or in a bond in a container, our restraining systems have proven their reliability millions of times.

Single tier High wooden crates, 2s lashing Rothschenk individual solutions


Load securement. The entire pallet.

The classic in load securement - correspondingly high is our experience and the number of perfect fitting solutions for it.

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Soft packaging

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You are not familiar with our [R] Lashing Tec, yet? Then it's about time to revolutionize your loading situation together.

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You need a special solution? As a manufacturer, you get technically sophisticated and outstanding solutions first-hand from us.

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