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Truck load securing can be done with lashing straps, restraint systems like our [R] TruckLash or dunnage pads.
Edge protection angles are just as important additions as anti-slip mats made of rubber granulate.
However, useful accessories such as a lashing strap rewinder or intermediate wall fasteners and load securing nets are also included.
You will find all this with us - as a full-range load securing supplier.

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Load securing for trucks is not only prescribed in the Road Traffic Act (StVO), but is also regulated by a large number of standards and guidelines such as VDI 2700. The ultimate goal is, of course, to avoid accidents, injuries or damaged goods. According to Statista.com, in 2019, of 163 traffic accidents with a background of inadequate load securing, 151 were due to unsecured cargo or accessories, and 12 were due to overloading.

Because the Liability for property damage and personal injury now concerns both drivers and loaders, up to and including the loading master, the proper securing of the load is an increasingly important issue. Half-knowledge and inferior load securing equipment are dangerous factors here. At Rothschenk, you receive tested, certified load securing equipment that you can always rely on.

Double is better?

You can see them on almost every truck. Our orange edge protection angles made of extra robust plastic are high-strength and UV-stable. Their double-chamber design makes them ideal for protecting lashing equipment from rough surfaces, such as concrete elements, bricks or roof tiles. Since the angles are very dimensionally stable, they can also be used well for securing soft packaging such as big bags or bagged goods.

Due to the standardized sizes of the loading units, e.g. on CP1 or Euro pallets, common lengths of the Double chamber edge protection angle established. As a special service, we also cut them to length for our customers. Our yard goods have a basic dimension of 6m and can be cut to any desired length with our cutting machine. Furthermore, we also cater to special customer requests for larger quantities. For example, we can also produce milled sections to guide the webbing or apply customer-specific stickers (e.g. company logo) to the LaSi brackets.

How about 27% more payload?

Sounds too good to be true, but it is reality. Our newly developed [R] TruckLash enables loading in the second layer when loading solid packages. This allows for more flexible axle loading, because it is not necessary to start the second layer at the front of the truck. This would usually exceed the permissible axle loads.

With [R] TruckLash, you can center the second layer and fix it using a combination of head and bay lashing. Compared to a classic loading, tests have proven that the loading capacity increases by up to 27%. In other words: You save every 4th truck - sustainability with great effect. More in our Post with videos about application and the certification of the system by EUROSAFE.

Stowage pads instead of Euro pallets as gap fillers?

In practice, it is often seen that Euro pallets are used to fill stowage gaps on the loading area. Sometimes pallets are also used to improve the axle load distribution and thus, for example, to create a positive distance to the end wall of the trailer. The disadvantage is often that the pallets are not available for their actual purpose. This has just as much of an impact on inventory as it does on the capital tied up in it.

Provide a better, faster and more cost-effective solution Dunnage bags represent. Available in various sizes and designs, dunnage pads flexibly and positively fill gaps between load units. These are filled using compressed air or mobile battery-powered blowers and are also available in reusable versions. Depending on the size of the accumulation gap, the use of different designs is necessary. Up to 40 cm, these are usually stowage cushions of simple design. Above this, so-called 3D dunnage bags with a cubic design is in question, or our new [R] Dually Bag. The latter is a combination of two classic stowage cushions, which were sewn together. Thus, these have a large bearing surface on the goods and at the same time also remain dimensionally stable.

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