Exclusively developed by Rothschenk and THE innovation on the market: (R) Pro Line S.A.M. – short for “System of Anti-slip Material” – is a restraint system with an external stowage pad.

The special highlight is the special anti-slip coating, which enables a retention force of up to 10,000 daN – without the use of lashing points!


Thanks to anti-slip coating

Easy to use

No lashing equipment required

AAR & TÜV certified

Loads up to 20 tons


Can be used individually as required

Product details

Further information on the S.A.M.

Application of S.A.M. Dust cushions

The restraint system, specially developed for temperature-controlled transportation and tailored to containers or fixed vehicle superstructures, is always used when the lack of lashing points makes load securing conditions considerably more difficult. In addition to the special modes of transport, our SAM can also be used in any standard container.

With the SAM dunnage bag, your load unit is firmly enclosed with an official load securing system. To achieve the certified retention force, our SAM has a special anti-slip coating on the two side stowage pads.

Innovation in a product

We are a little proud of our S.A.M. system, which offers a simple and effective solution to a fundamental problem in container loading: the lack of lashing points. Regardless of whether it is a reefer container or a standard or high cube container without available lashing points, S.A.M. offers an innovative solution.

This stowage cushioning system, specially developed for containers, enables maximum flexibility in load securing. With the option of using S.A.M. as a block of 5 and the standard available heights of 1,000 mm and 2,100 mm, we offer a wide range of options for transporting your load safely and efficiently. Our aim is to give you the freedom to concentrate on the essentials: the safe transportation of your goods.

No lashing points in the container? No problem

Our S.A.M. is available as standard for applications in blocks of 5 as a single or double-deck version. We also manufacture variations in format and size at our site in Germany on customer request.

What all variants have in common is our exceptional anti-slip coating, which gives S.A.M. its special properties. When can we inspire you?

The advantages of S.A.M.
  • certified by TÜV Rheinland Academy
  • Certified by the AAR for loads up to 20 tons
  • No lashing equipment, lashing rails, lashing straps or lashing eyes required
  • Fast and uncomplicated application
  • also for temperature-controlled transportation
  • Individually customizable, depending on requirements
  • Fast filling thanks to Rothschenk filling systems
Technical data
  • Outer padding: PP (polypropylene) ribbon fabric, coated
  • Inner padding: PE (polyethylene) film
  • Valve: TURBO (flexible, self-closing one-way hose valve)
  • Filling: With filling adapter (stationary connection or mobile battery blower)
  • Environmental note: Joint disposal of PP and PE, fully recyclable, unproblematic when incinerated

S.A.M. Product data sheet

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Operating instructions for dunnage bags

Operating instructions Milwaukee blower

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S.A.M. Dunnage bags

The innovative solution for load securing

S.A.M. stands for an advanced restraint system, specially developed for use in temperature-controlled transportation scenarios such as standard freight and refrigerated containers as well as fixed vehicle superstructures.

It effectively addresses the common problems with load securing caused by smooth inner container walls and missing lashing points. The system consists of lateral stowage cushions (R) bags and tarpaulins which, together with a special anti-slip coating, ensure a safe and stable load. Another unique feature of the S.A.M. is the TURBO valve with positioning aid, which makes handling easier, as well as the outstanding performance in a tilt test of up to 53 degrees.

This combination of features makes S.A.M. an efficient solution that simplifies load securing in demanding conditions.

S.A.M. Restraint system

Load securing made easy

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Our S.A.M. is the ideal solution for those who want to do without traditional wooden packaging or want to avoid positioning individual dunnage bags. As a pre-assembled and certified system, S.A.M. minimizes manual effort and at the same time guarantees the protection of sensitive goods.

The special coating on the dunnage bag shell, which comes into direct contact with the outer wall, significantly increases the coefficient of friction. With S.A.M., you are not only choosing an efficient method of load securing, but also a safe one – because safety is simple.

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