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The [R] Pro Lash Flex restraint system from Rothschenk is specially designed to meet the highest requirements for load securing and user-friendliness. It offers maximum security and is ideal for transporting a wide variety of goods, and can be flexibly adapted to your specific needs.

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Pro Lash Flex eingehängt im Container
Pro Lash Flex eingehängt im Container für Fasssicherung
Pro Lash Flex Detailansicht Gummiband eingehängt
Pro Lash Flex Detailansicht Gummiband
Pro Lash Flex höhenverstellbare Gurte im Container

Maximum security

VCT and CTU Code certified


Adaptable to load type

Efficient handling

Thanks to quick-release fastener

Universal solution

For various containers

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Why choose (R) Pro Lash systems?

(R) Pro Lash Flex restraint systems are always used when the highest demands are placed on load securing and user-friendliness. Our [R] Pro Lash Flex is our best system to provide maximum security for the transportation of your goods. As standard, this system uses 8 lashing points to secure your goods. On request, our [R] Pro Lash Flex can be tailored to your individual needs. With the [R] Pro Lash Flex and its specially integrated elastic band, attaching it to the lashing points is child’s play. In addition, the webbing is inserted close to the side wall or behind the container corrugation so that goods can easily be guided past the lashing.

Thanks to its modular design, the restraint system can be adapted to your desired restraining forces within a very short time. To make the application even more convenient, faster and more efficient, our quick-release fastener can be used as an option. This is already threaded to further increase efficiency in daily use.

The systems are specially designed for demanding load securing tasks, enabling a considerable increase in safety during transportation and ensuring that the load arrives at its destination damage-free.

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Pro Lash Flex System

The flexible all-rounder for residual LaSi

The [R] Pro Lash Flex restraint system uses eight standard lashing points to effectively secure your goods, and can be customized to suit individual requirements. A specially incorporated elastic band makes it easier to hook into lashing points, while the webbing is placed close to the container wall to make it easier to guide the goods past. This system is not only known for its quick and easy application, but also for its flexibility, as it can be used in both standard and high cube containers. The system is also certified by VCT Bremen GmbH and meets the requirements of the CTU Code.

How Pro Lash Flex works

Flexibly adaptable restraint system

The [R] Pro Lash Flex uses an innovative design with eight lashing points and a specially incorporated elastic band that makes it easier to attach to the lashing points. The belt is placed close to the side wall or behind the container corrugation to allow the goods to pass smoothly.

With its modular design, the system can be quickly adjusted to the desired retention force, and the optional quick-release fastener increases efficiency in daily use.

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