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When transporting materials such as greases, oils and adhesives in drums, problems often arise when they are completely emptied at their destination, which makes it difficult to reuse the drums and is therefore financially and ecologically inefficient. An effective solution to this problem is the use of precisely manufactured round bottom bags. These inlays can be easily inserted into the drums by hand or by machine and allow the contents to be removed cleanly and completely, leaving the drums intact and reusable.

Discover in our application video how round bottom bags are manufactured and how they address the problem of drum reuse. The video offers an insight into our production processes and shows how we implement individual customer wishes.

Rothschenk inliners and round bottom bags

Revolutionized packing and transport processes

Inliners for buckets and cardboard boxes, specially made from PE film, offer an efficient solution for preventing soiling and facilitating the removal of goods. These practical inlays protect the inner walls of containers, drums and cardboard boxes and enable the clean and easy removal of contents such as bulk goods. The round bottom bags are made to fit perfectly and can be used both manually and mechanically, making them ideal for industrial companies with high demand. At the destination, the use of these inliners enables the containers to be emptied easily and completely so that they can be reused without further cleaning.

Inliner FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How are the inliners inserted into drums and cardboard boxes?

The inliners are manufactured to fit precisely and can be easily inserted into the respective container by hand or by machine. During manual installation, the inliner is simply inserted into the drum or cardboard box and unfolded so that it adheres to the inner walls. This ensures complete coverage of the inner surfaces and effectively protects against soiling.

Can inliners be used for the storage of hazardous substances?

Yes, the inliners made of PE film are also suitable for the storage and transportation of hazardous substances. The chemical resistance of the PE film ensures that it does not react with the stored materials and provides a secure barrier against leaks and contamination.

How do inliners help to reduce costs?

Inliners reduce costs by minimizing cleaning and maintenance costs for drums and cartons. The use of inliners eliminates the need for intensive cleaning after each use, which is particularly valuable for sticky or difficult to remove substances. In addition, the longer service life of the containers reduces the need to buy new ones frequently.

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