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Unser neues TruckLash: Double layer loading.Save every 4th truck.Increase sustainability.

Entwickelt zusammen mit einem deutschen Chemiekonzern und zertifiziert von EUROSAFE, ist unser [R] TruckLash die Innovation des Jahres. Steigern Sie die Effizienz Ihres Fuhrparks durch die Möglichkeit einer doppellagigen Verladung. Sparen Sie bis zu 27% Ihrer Kosten.

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"I don't know" is a phrase, you will never hear from us. Our employees in the Customer Center are all experts in load security.
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How to find us? Very simple!
Visit us in the idyllic region of Franconia.
Load Securement according to CTU-Code 2015 and VDI 2700a: We make you fit! Professionals teach you about both theory and practice.
DIN ISO 9001:2015, EMAS, EMAS+ und Ecovadis sind kein Fremdwort für Sie? Dann ist es an der Zeit mit den Besten zusammen zu arbeiten.
Our products are of proven premium quality. This is shown by the technical data, the high performance and every single certification.
Rothschenk deals with sustainability on a daily basis and we give our best to deal with it as transparent and critical as possible.
Load Securement in use: correct use of inflatbale airbags, threating of lashings and correct positioning of barrel securement. Our educational videos show how it works.

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Our goal: Optimal load security at a fair price. In our product overview you find both topseller and inividual solutions for entire industries.

Discover the world of Rothschenk: It's about securement!

The best offer on the market is made up by many factors:. One being the perfect service.

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No superficial knowledge, just facts. In our blog-entries you find answers to your questions on the load security industry, substantiated by the expert knowledge directly from the manufacturer.

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Our 13,000 costumers in 20 countries put their trust in us. Convince yourself.

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