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The [R] Y-Cover, on the other hand, is an innovative solution for transporting soft building materials such as insulation materials. It effectively prevents the load from shifting across the direction of travel and offers fast opening and repositioning. The Y-Cover is specially designed for delivery to the customer and is designed as a returnable system, which saves costs and offers a high degree of flexibility for the shipper. It also bears the “Made in Germany” seal of quality and aims to increase work safety by minimizing the risk of heavy edge protectors falling.

The [R] Truck Lash offers a customized solution for load securing in truck transport, especially for heavy goods that are not loaded with a positive fit on the sides, such as bagged goods or big bags. It enables optimum axle load distribution and up to 27% greater efficiency compared to conventional loading. Thanks to its special design with a retaining strap placed over the load, it guarantees maximum payloads and can also be used as a head or rear lashing.

All the advantages of [R] Truck Lash at a glance:

  • Up to 27% more load per truck:
  • High cost savings
  • Reusable system for sustainability
  • Suitable for block formation and transportation of hazardous goods
  • Maximum occupational safety and certification

27% more payload

Truck Lash

The [R] Truck Lash has been specially developed for truck transportation. It is used to secure heavy load units which, for example, cannot be loaded with a positive fit to the side (block formation), e.g. bagged goods/big bags. It can also be used for head and tail lashing. Thanks to the special design with a holding belt placed over the goods, it is possible to load goods in such a way that there are no problems with the axle loads.

Another application is the securing of stable load units. The maximum permissible payload is often not yet reached with single-layer loading. Double-deck loading would be the solution, but how should the load be secured?

The certified [R] Truck Lash (with steel beaded drums) is used in this case like a head/rear lashing. This enables the loader to achieve optimum axle load distribution. Up to 27% more payload is possible compared to conventional loading.

More information about Truck Lash

Application of Truck Lash

Load distribution during truck transportation sometimes severely restricts the maximum quantity of goods that can be transported. Double-decker loading is sometimes not even possible. This means that existing space remains unused.

To make optimum use of the axle loads by optimally distributing the goods. Securing the goods has the highest priority. An additional objective is to increase the number of goods transported.

The innovative [R] TruckLash offers optimum axle load distribution thanks to its certified double-deck loading design. By means of a header or bay lashing in both directions, customers were able to achieve up to 27% more payload on average compared to conventional loading.

  • Up to 27% more load per truck
  • High cost savings
  • Designed as a reusable system
  • Suitable for block formation
  • Suitable for the transportation of hazardous goods
  • EN 12195 compliant for many loading situations
  • Quality “Made in Germany”


Product information

The soft packaging solution


Transporting soft building materials such as insulation can be a challenge. We have therefore developed [R] Y-Covers especially for delivery to the customer. The tarpaulin with webbing prevents the load from shifting across the direction of travel and can be quickly opened and repositioned.

Our Rothschenk Y-Cover can be used individually for a wide variety of materials and is consistently designed as a reusable system. This saves costs and offers a high degree of flexibility for the shipper.

The aim of the development was also to increase work safety, as edge protection brackets were previously often attached at a considerable height using a ladder. This eliminates the risk of heavy angles falling down.

Further information about Y-Cover

Application of Y-Cover

Y-Cover was specially developed for regional short-haul transportation. Ideal for soft packaging or building materials (e.g. insulating materials) that need to be secured quickly but efficiently and have a low tare weight.

The innovative design allows a very fast but effective fixation of the load. Particularly on the last mile, time savings are a major factor in addition to safety. Y-Cover takes this into account.

  • Maximum occupational safety
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Reusable system
  • certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • inexpensive

(R) Y-Cover in action

Secure LaSi for soft packaging

Our innovative special solution, the (R) Y-Cover, offers a secure way of securing soft packaging such as insulation materials during transportation in trucks. The large-area dissipation of the tensile forces, which is ensured by the tarpaulin design, prevents the lashing strap from pressing into the goods. Find out more about how our Y-Cover works and how to use it in our illustrative application video.

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