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Loading scheme templates for container shipping

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The loading examples are an expression of our more than 25 years of experience in load securing. Directly from the field, customised for use in containers. The illustrations are only examples and are not legally binding.


Can't find the right one for your loading situation? No problem. Our load securing consultants work with you to create a reliable loading plan. Just get in touch with us.


100% safety is required? Our personally certified trainers and consultants can certify your loading scheme on request. This means that you are on the safe side with your loading, even during inspections.

Sample shipments for download

20′ Container

Sample shipments for download

40′ container

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Load securing is as versatile as the products to be loaded. Perfectly coordinated loading is the decisive factor in ensuring that your goods arrive safely at their destination. Our sales representatives will be happy to work with you on site to create a loading scheme that precisely matches your requirements. Certified on request and therefore legally compliant for you. Simply contact us and test our exceptional Rothschenk service.

The right application in the area of load securing

Through standardised loading schemes

Overall, standardised loading schemes offer a number of benefits when securing loads, including efficiency, stability, safety, time savings and compliance with regulations. You ensure that the load is properly secured and that no problems or damage occur during transport.


Standardised loading schemes enable efficient and optimal use of the available loading space. By using predefined arrangements and placements of the loading units, empty spaces can be minimised and the available space optimally utilised. This can lead to a reduction in transport costs, as fewer vehicles or containers are needed to transport the same amount of cargo.


Standardised loading schemes take the stability of the load into account. By placing the load units in a specific arrangement based on the centres of gravity and the physical properties of the load, stability during transport can be ensured. This reduces the risk of the load shifting, slipping or tipping over during transport.


Proper load securing is crucial for safety during transport. Standardised loading schemes take into account the safety aspects of load securing and ensure that the load is secured in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards. This minimises the risk of accidents, injuries or damage to people, vehicles or the load itself.

Time saving

Time can be saved by using standardised loading schemes. As the arrangement of the loading units is already predefined, there is no need to plan an individual arrangement each time. This simplifies the loading process and shortens loading times.

Compliance with regulations

Standardised loading schemes often take into account the applicable regulations and standards for load securing. By using these schemes, you can ensure that you fulfil the legal requirements and avoid possible legal consequences.

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