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Our range of truck accessories includes a variety of detailed solutions for load securing. From nets and webbing protectors to practical tools such as our lashing strap winder with magnets, we offer everything you need for secure load fastening.

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Practical tools for truck load safety

Our selection of (R) accessories

Lashing strap winder for cordless screwdrivers

Our lashing strap winders are simply inserted into the chuck of a cordless screwdriver and wind up the lashing strap without any special manual force.

Magnetic lashing strap rewinder

Our lashing strap rewinders have a magnetic holder and therefore adhere to all metallic surfaces.

Thanks to the slotted shaft with crank, the straps are wound up in seconds and remain clean, dry and free of knots.

Abrasion protection hose

An abrasion protection sleeve is only threaded in and prevents a belt strap (e.g. lashing strap) from being damaged on the edge of rough goods. Particularly with building materials such as bricks, the rough surface causes abrasion points and leads to the lashing material being discarded.

Positioning aid for edge protection

With our telescopic positioning aid, you can even reach high places.

The safety clips allow you to attach edge protection brackets quickly and safely.

Truck network

We offer truck nets in many common sizes and mesh widths. Just talk to us about it.

Car network

The quick solution for safe transportation in the trunk. It is attached to the existing lashing eyes in the car and can be lashed down continuously.

Guspako pretensioning aid

With the Guspako pretensioning aid, you can set the desired torque in advance.

You can work safely and comfortably thanks to the long lever and anti-slip protection.

Preload meter

For determining the pre-tensioning forces applied to the lashing strap.

With display scale in daN.

Training on securing loads in trucks

Expert tips on the use of lashing straps

In our training video on load securing with lashing straps, discover exciting answers to questions such as: What is the difference between compression and long lever tension ratchets? How does a knot in the webbing affect safety? Find out more about the importance of preload force and how different tools can help.

Also: tips for extending the service life of lashing straps with accessories such as strap protectors. Immerse yourself in the world of load securing and gain valuable first-hand insights directly from the truck and from our test center at Rothschenk.

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Accessories FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How can webbing protectors extend the service life of lashing straps?

Strap protectors are pulled over the loose end of the lashing straps and protect them from damage caused by sharp edges on the load. This reduces wear on the belts and extends their service life, which increases the safety of load securing.

What are the advantages of the lashing strap retractor system with magnets compared to conventional methods?

The lashing strap rewinder system with magnets enables the lashing straps to be rewound quickly and easily without manual effort. Thanks to the magnetic holder, the system adheres securely to metallic surfaces, which simplifies handling and saves time. In addition, the belts remain clean, dry and free of knots, which increases the efficiency of load securing.

Why is a pre-tensioning tension meter important for securing loads with lashing straps?

A pre-tensioning force measuring device enables precise measurement of the pre-tensioning forces in the lashing straps to ensure optimum securing of the load. By precisely controlling the voltage, potential hazards can be minimized and compliance with the applicable safety standards can be ensured.

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