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Premium is your claim? Our dunnage bags are also premium!

Both materials and construction make our (R) Pro Line dunnage bags the first choice for securing high-value goods.


Against damage

Environmentally friendly

100 % recyclable

Custom-made products

Also with reusable valve


Simple & flexible to use

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What makes the Pro Line dunnage bags special?

Application of Pro Line dunnage bags

[R] Bag Pro Line is our robust professional quality dunnage bag for filling gaps to achieve a tight fit of the load. Thanks to the greater material thickness and multi-layer structure, it is more resistant to mechanical damage, e.g. from abrasion or chafing.

[R] Bag Pro Line is available for loading gaps of up to approx. 500 mm or as a 3D version for loading gaps of up to 800 mm. In addition to the common standard sizes, we can also offer you customized solutions. In addition to the individual sizes, this also applies to the selection of our various valves. As it is possible to build up to four layers, our Pro Line can also be used as a fixed installation. This can be further customized by using various attachments and venting aids.

Thanks to our “Made in Germany” production, short delivery routes and production times are our advantages.

The power pack for professionals

ProLine dunnage bags are made from particularly resistant PP tape fabric.

This is characterized by:

  • High abrasion and puncture resistance
  • Moisture-resistant and environmentally friendly material (100% recyclable)
  • the joint disposal option for outer and inner fabric
Pro Line individual? Let's do it!

Have you ever thought about our multi-valves? What’s in it for you? Tangible advantages! The multiple use of the dunnage bags saves you money and resources for your company. You also actively promote sustainability.

To enable you to do this, we provide you with the concentrated expertise of a self-producing manufacturer. Rothschenk can realize all shapes and sizes that result from your special loading situation.

Individual development, adaptation and manufacture of these products is our specialty. The ProLine dunnage bags are available as disposable (Slim/Turbo) or reusable (Smart/Big) versions. We also offer a whole range of application-oriented individual solutions. Customization, special equipment, eyelets, straps, accessories and much more.

Advantages of Pro Line
  • Higher strength against puncture resistance
  • higher abrasion resistance
  • less sensitive to edges than conventional upholstery
  • moisture resistant
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable
  • Simple & flexible to use
  • Manufacture with all valves possible
  • Fast filling thanks to Rothschenk filling systems
  • Available in almost all individual sizes
Technical data
  • Outer padding: PP (polypropylene) ribbon fabric, coated
  • Inner padding: PE (polyethylene) film
  • Valve: SLIM, SMART, TURBO and BIG
  • Filling: With filling adapter (stationary connection or mobile battery blower)
  • Environmental note: Joint disposal of PP and PE, fully recyclable, unproblematic when incinerated

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Pro Line dunnage bags

The all-rounder for load securing

Pro Line stands for our high-quality dunnage bags in professional quality, designed to fill gaps and ensure form-fit transportation of your load. These dunnage bags owe their robustness to their increased material thickness and multi-layer design, which makes them particularly resistant to mechanical damage such as abrasion or chafing. They are available in standard versions for loading gaps of up to 500 mm and as a 3D option for up to 800 mm. We offer customized solutions for specific requirements – both in terms of size and the selection of our wide range of valve options. With the option of a structure of up to four layers, Pro Line is also suitable for permanent installation, supplemented by various fastening and venting options for further customization. Our “Made in Germany” production guarantees short delivery and production times, which means a clear advantage for you.

Pro Line load securing

Transporting containerized goods safely

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In our latest explanatory video, we present detailed instructions on how to secure Euro pallets with general cargo in a 20-foot container to turn them into a stable and form-fitting load unit. At Rothschenk, we place particular emphasis on the safety and efficiency of the transportation process.

Our innovative Pro Line dunnage bags adapt perfectly to the spaces between the loads to minimize movement during transport and thus significantly increase safety. Made from high-quality, hard-wearing materials, our dunnage bags offer a reliable solution for stabilizing your cargo under a wide range of transport conditions.

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