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Rothschenk dunnage bags offer an effective solution for securing loads in containers by reliably filling gaps between load units. They comply with important safety standards, including the CTU Code or the AAR (Red Line) guidelines for positive loading.

Flexible filling using compressed air or mobile battery-powered blowers enables customizable application. Various models, including specialized solutions for different requirements, as well as our ability to respond to individual customer requests, underline the versatility and efficiency of the application.

Dunnage bag

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Dunnage bags are an important aid in load securing to fill cavities between the load and container walls or other load units. They are used to prevent the load from slipping and moving during transportation, thus ensuring safety at all times.

The use of dunnage bags is also particularly important for irregularly shaped or fragile goods that cannot be firmly secured on pallets or in containers. The targeted filling of cavities prevents the load from slipping and causing damage.

By using dunnage bags, you can not only increase the safety of your load, but also avoid damage to sensitive goods and thus minimize costs and risks. Rothschenk offers a large selection of individual designs for this purpose.

Dust cushion FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Are dunnage bags suitable for all types of loads?

Basically yes, but there are special stowage cushions for different load types and weights. It is important to choose the right upholstery for the specific load and requirement.

How do you choose the right size of stowage cushion for container loads?

Select the size based on the gap between the loads. The padding should be large enough to completely fill the gap without being excessively compressed.

To choose the optimum size for dunnage bags and ensure that your container load is properly secured, we recommend that you get a comprehensive overview of our entire range of dunnage bags.

How much pressure must be pumped into a dunnage bag?

The required pressure depends on the specific product and the load it is intended to support. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid overfilling or underfilling.

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