Red Line – 1.200 x 1.800 mm


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Red Line – 1,200 x 1,800 mm

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[R] Red Line dunnage bags 1,200 x 1,800 mm are inexpensive to buy and still reliably meet Level 1 requirements. They are used in accumulation gaps of up to 400 mm (for larger gaps we recommend: [R] Red Line 3D). The Red Line series is the first choice for you in two ways: As a manufacturer of load securement, you get a good price / performance ratio from us and through certifications you do not have to fear compromises in reliability (take a look at the Red in this video Line test laboratory).

We have an extensive range for filling (e.g. quick fill gun with compressed air connection). In addition to tools for compressed air operation, you can find the latest technology on mobile battery blowers with us. Maximum freedom and security at the loading ramp are just a few advantages in addition to very fast filling. A high level of employee safety, as there are no annoying compressed air hoses in the way. Our different adapter attachments with quick-release fastener, 90 ° angle or 360 ° freewheel make everyday loading much easier. Just talk to us about it, we will be happy to explain you more details.


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