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Rothschenk in Aub has been developing load securing systems since 1996. We secure your cargo …

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In practice-oriented seminars and workshops on load securing, the Rothschenk Academy imparts all the knowledge modules that you and your employees need in everyday transportation. Legal situation, responsibility, physical principles, technology, application. Learn more ...

Made in Germany

Continuity and a down-to-earth approach are important cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Both contribute to our quality standards on a daily basis. And in those of our customers. For example, we continue to produce some of our dunnage bags and restraint systems in Germany.

Quality and innovation

High-quality load securing solutions can only be achieved through a targeted combination of manual work steps and the effective use of technology. This is just as much a part of our customers' day-to-day transport operations as it is in Rothschenk's production processes.

About us

We have been developing load securing systems at the highest level in Aub since 1996. Our innovative products and in-house research and development department have earned us an excellent reputation in the industry. Whether you have everyday or individual requirements, we respond to every customer request and support you from the conception to the final certified end product for your specific requirements.

We still deliver genuine “Made in Germany” and attach great importance to sustainability in our processes. As a company, we are of course ISO 9001:2015 certified. You can download our quality certificate here.


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Your partner for load securing

As a manufacturer of load securing equipment, Rothschenk offers a more comprehensive and specialized service than pure trading companies. We have control over the entire production process, invest in innovation and product development, offer customized solutions, ensure strict quality control and have specialist knowledge and expertise in our field. This enables us to offer our customers high-quality products and added value. As a manufacturer of load securing systems, we differ from a pure trading company in several aspects that can be decisive for you as a customer:


As a manufacturer of load securing systems, we produce the products ourselves, either in our own production facilities or in cooperation with partners. We have control over the entire production process, from development and design to production and quality control. This enables us to ensure the quality and reliability of our products at all times.

Product development and innovation

We invest in both product development and innovation in order to offer new and improved solutions. We have our own research and development teams that are constantly working to improve our products and respond to our customers’ needs. This enables us to develop innovative solutions that meet the requirements of the market.


As a manufacturer, we have the flexibility to adapt our products to the specific requirements of our customers. We can develop customized solutions and make individual adjustments to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Quality control

Rothschenk has control over the entire production process and can therefore carry out strict quality control. We ensure that our products comply with the applicable norms and standards and meet high quality standards. This guarantees the reliability and safety of our products.

Expertise and specialist knowledge

We have extensive specialist knowledge and expertise in our field. We know the requirements and challenges of load securing and can advise your customers accordingly. We can provide technical support and training to ensure that our customers use their products correctly and ensure the best possible load securing.

Brand identity

Rothschenk has a good reputation in the industry as a manufacturer of load securing equipment. We are known for quality, reliability and innovation. Customers trust our products and choose us because of our reputation and expertise.