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The use of Rothschenk plastic strapping offers a reliable and safe way to bundle cardboard boxes and loose goods into a load unit. We recommend combining it with a strapping dispenser and a battery-powered tensioner such as the [R] ST25e.

When selecting the right strapping, factors such as the nature of the goods and environmental influences must be taken into account, as must the choice of the right wire sealing clamp. You can choose between different coatings, such as galvanized, embossed or phosphated. The difference between tensioning the belts by hand, e.g. using a reel tensioner, or with a fully automatic machine should not be underestimated. The quality of the belt is of decisive importance for perfect processing.

Composite tapes FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How do you choose the right composite tape for a specific application?

When choosing the right composite belt, factors such as the weight and size of the goods and environmental influences should be taken into account. Choosing the right wire clamp is also crucial for safe use.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on selecting the optimum belt for each application.

What are the advantages of composite strapping over conventional strapping materials?

Composite belts offer several advantages. They are quick and easy to install, yet extremely stable and offer high strength. They are also cost-effective and ideal for forming stable load units, which increases load safety.

Available in various widths and with individual prints, they also offer flexibility and the option of adapting to different requirements.

What significance does the type of tensioning method have for the processing of composite tapes?

The type of tensioning method is crucial for the perfect processing of composite tapes. While manual tensioning is possible using a reel tensioner, for example, fully automatic machines offer a more efficient solution. The quality of the belt plays an important role in achieving optimum results.

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