Pro Lash Tec

Pro Lash Tec from Rothschenk is the innovative solution for securing soft packaging in overseas containers. It effectively prevents the load from slipping and sagging thanks to special elastic bands that maintain the tension of the cross straps.

Certified by EUROSAFE, Pro Lash Tec guarantees maximum safety and reliability for your transports.


For safe transportation

Environmentally friendly

Recyclable materials

Certified LaSi



Simple & flexible customization

Product details

Further information on the Pro Lash Tec

Lashing restraint systems 2.0

Rothschenk Pro Lash Container Lashings are often developed especially for and together with customers. Pro Lash Tec is such a development directly from practical experience.

Soft packaging such as big bags or bagged goods are not absolutely stable in themselves due to the bulk material. This creates special challenges for load securing. The horizontal belts fitted with rubber bands compensate for the movement of the goods during loading and unloading during transportation and keep the cross belts at the intended height.

A cost-effective, reliable solution and a good example of Rothschenk’s innovative strength.

If, contrary to expectations, a restraint system is not yet available for your specific application, we will find a solution for you. We also create individual certificates for your loads in cooperation with independent inspectors. And this can be done at our premises, at your premises or in designated facilities.

Give us a call or send us a message, we will be happy to advise you.

Pro Lash Tec advantages
  • Especially for securing soft packaging
  • integrated elastic band prevents the crossbands from sagging or slipping down when the goods are loaded or unloaded during transportation
  • CTU Code compliant for many shipments
  • Quick & easy handling in everyday use
  • Secure loads reliably & effectively
  • Infinitely height-adjustable & extendable
  • Also available as a Plus version with additional crossband
  • certified by EUROSAFE
  • recyclable
Technical data
  • Straps (38mm) standard length:
    • vertical: 2,600 mm
    • horizontal: 3,100 mm
  • Number of belts: 2 / 3 / 4 cross belts
  • integrated elastic bands for automatic reset function
  • CV 400 – 1,650 mm (distance between the upper and lower belt)

Pro Lash Tec from Rothschenk

LaSi especially for soft packaging

[R] Pro Lash Tec was specially developed for securing soft packaging in overseas containers! Soft packaging in particular, such as bagged goods or BigBags, are difficult to secure due to their special properties. This can lead to changes in the package during long journeys. This could result in the cross bands of the lashing slipping or sagging.
With [R] Pro Lash Tec and its specially incorporated elastic bands, the cross bands of the lash are always held in the correct position. Regardless of whether the load settles or slides out of and back into the cross belts. The tension of the lashing prevents the horizontal straps from sagging or slipping down.

[R] Pro Lash Tec is certified by EUROSAFE and ensures maximum safety when transporting soft packaging in overseas containers.

Pro Lash Tec optimization

Flexible height adjustment of the lashings

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The Pro Lash Tec system from Rothschenk optimizes container load securing thanks to its vertical adjustability, which enables precise adjustment of the horizontal straps. You can individually select the number of crossbands (2, 3 or 4 lashings), which are supplied ready-made. This saves you time and money by eliminating the risk of the crossbands slipping or sagging.

In the following video, we explain step by step how to optimally position and adjust the straps to ensure safe transportation of your soft packaging.

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