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Discover our versatile lashing accessories that have been specially developed to make everyday work on the ramp easier. Our high-quality products are created from practical experience for practical use and guarantee 100% user-friendliness. We rely on high-quality materials that make our tools indispensable tools of the trade and clearly stand out from lower-quality products.

Essential tools for container lashing

Our range of lashing accessories

Our product recommendations for safe lashing

(R) LT38e battery-powered tensioner

The Rothschenk LT38e battery-powered tensioner represents the latest generation of lashing tensioners, developed to make application easier, faster and more efficient.

With a revolutionary lightweight design and user-friendly technology, this device significantly increases your productivity when securing loads to the rear.

Use of the LT38e battery tensioner

The LT38e battery-powered tensioner from Rothschenk is specially designed for use with lashing systems and enables webbing straps to be tensioned quickly and with precisely adjustable pre-tensioning force.

It is a further development of the battery tensioners available on the market. The basis of the development was to keep the weight very low, to avoid manual operation with a lever and to ensure permanent reproducibility of the results.

We can meet all these requirements with our LT38e and LT38e Performance, significantly increasing your productivity when using our lashing systems and simplifying the application.

In addition to its unbeatable weight of just 2.8 kg, it is a small and powerful package that requires no manual force whatsoever.

We have integrated a torque setting to ensure that the results are identical at all times and by every employee, and that the goods are not damaged.

All advantages at a glance
  • Lightweight construction: Approx. 30% lighter than comparable devices, reduces fatigue.
  • High pre-tensioning force: Reaches up to 800 daN, secures load effectively.
  • Torque adjustment: Enables reproducible pre-tensioning forces, improves load safety.
  • Ease of use: Simple one-handed operation and quick adjustment of the clamping force.
  • Reliable:
    Proven Milwaukee basic tool technology
  • Battery operated:
    Lithium-ion batteries without self-discharge
Technical data
  • 20 torque levels
  • 2x Li-lon battery 12 V with 2,000 mAh or 4,000 mAh
  • 1x charger from Milwaukee
  • Weight:
    • LT38e:
      2.80 kg
    • LT38e Performance: 3.00 kg
  • Environmental information: Do not dispose of the Li-ion battery with household waste. Disposal only via appropriate collection boxes or in specialist shops.

Cardboard edge protectors for container goods

Most of the pressure is often on the edges of the goods. and can damage them without protection. To prevent this and to reliably absorb the forces from the lashing, edge protection should be fitted. As the edge protection is only used once in the container, cardboard/paper edge protection is the first choice. We have this in many dimensions and qualities.

This enables us to respond to your individual requirements. This is because edge protection can also fulfill several functions in your application. It can stabilize the package, bridge gaps and transfer forces to the surface.

To fix the height of the hinges, we have edge protection elements with hinge guides. The perfect complement, especially in combination with our White Lash or Lashing Special.

Kantenschutz Winkel eckig aus Pappe Anwendung im Container
Edge protection - also available for round container loads

When shipping “non-square” packages, such as drums, IBCs, big bags, octabins or coils, it is often necessary to use special edge protectors to secure your goods and protect them from damage. The edge protection also increases the contact surface for applying the forces from the lashing. This can play an important role, especially with free-flowing materials.

Edge protection bracket round Application in container

We offer various versions of edge protection elements for securing. The classics are the quarter trays, which are mainly used for drums and IBCs. However, we also have a flexible edge protector, our FlexProtect. This can really come into its own with big bags, octabins or coils, as it can adapt perfectly to the product.

All versions are available as standard or with integrated belt guides.

Advantages of (R) edge protectors
  • Protection of your goods and the straps or strapping bands
  • Distribution of forces in the surface of the goods
  • For angular edge protectors: On customer request with individual printing and in a wet-strength version
  • For round edge protection: radii adapted to the load unit
  • 100% recyclable
Technical data
  • Material: PAP (cardboard)
  • Structure: Solid

Other lashing accessories

Double ratchet

Our double ratchet is always used when a normal closure is unsuitable, e.g. when the goods are transported back and forth or when the goods are only transported internally.

Double ratchet for tensioning webbing straps

Ratchet tensioner for webbing straps

Ideal as a starter tool for tensioning webbing straps, e.g. for lashing restraint systems.
For more convenience, we recommend our modern battery-powered clamping devices.

Ratchet tensioner for tensioning webbing straps

Belt buckles

Of course, we offer the matching buckle to fasten each strap.
We can supply you with different designs and strengths.

Belt buckle for tensioning belt straps


Our drop-forged hooks are available in various sizes to match our White
Lash webbing straps.

hooks-for-looping-in-of-belt-strap-rothschenk-load-securing device

Reefer Lashingpoint

With the flexible Reefer Lashingpoint, you can create any number of lashing points in reefer containers. This is inserted into the floor rails and fixed in the desired position with a torque wrench.

torque-key-reefer-locking-point-tightening-cooling-container-rothschenk-load-securing device

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