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Container restraint systems, also known as lashing or rear load securing, are essential for the safe transportation of various types of goods such as big bags, drums, wooden crates and IBCs. Developed and manufactured in Germany, our high-strength polyester lashings are characterized by TÜV Rheinland certification and CTU code conformity.

In addition to time-saving, pre-assembled systems such as Red Lash and Pro Lash, we also offer individually configurable components in our White Lash series, including webbing, buckles and reel tensioners to flexibly meet specific securing requirements.

The [R] LT38e battery-powered tensioner is the solution for fatigue-free and efficient work. The desired preload force can be achieved effortlessly and repeatedly at any time thanks to an adjustable torque.

Lashing FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What exactly are lashing systems and how do they work?

Lashing systems are specially developed belt systems for securing loads in containers. They consist of high-strength straps that are placed around the load and tightened to prevent movement during transportation.

Rothschenk offers such systems, which have been specially developed for safe loading in compliance with the CTU code in order to meet the diverse requirements of international goods transportation.

What types of lashing systems does Rothschenk offer?

Rothschenk offers a range of lashing systems, from prefabricated solutions such as the Red Lash and Pro Lash systems to the customizable White Lash components. This variety allows you to choose the ideal system based on the specific nature of your load and the securing requirements.

How do you choose the right lashing system for load securing?

The selection of the appropriate lashing system depends on several factors, including the type of load to be secured and the particular challenges of transportation.

At Rothschenk, we offer personalized advice to help you find the perfect lashing system for your specific needs, focusing on both the safety of the load and the efficiency of the loading process.

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