Package formation Accessories

For efficient load securing

Safe package formation is essential for the transportation of goods and depends largely on the quality and correct use of the accessories. Our range includes innovative tools that have been specially developed to optimize work processes and increase occupational safety.

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(R) Strapping tensioner ST25e

The ultimate accessory for efficient package formation

Our battery-powered tensioner is the automated version of a conventional reel tensioner and is unique on the market. No other manufacturer offers a battery-powered tensioner for strapping from 13-25 mm. It is used to achieve reproducible results when tensioning the strapping. Here too, our ST25e has very finely tuned torque levels so as not to damage your goods.

The advantages? The mobile battery operation makes tedious manual tensioning and bundling of load units much easier. Devices known on the market are extremely heavy due to their weight of 4-5 kg. Our tensioning device impresses with an unbeatable weight of just 2.5 kg, making it a real market innovation.

The device also has an automated cutting unit and cuts the belt after the tensioning process without any additional effort. The battery-powered tensioner has a pre-tensioning force of 400 daN and a wide range of accessories.

Product details

Further information on the ST25e strapping tool

Use of the ST25e

Thanks to the pre-adjustable torque, the pre-tensioning force applied can be repeated as often as required. This can be finely adjusted in 20 different torque levels.

The tried and tested BOSCH base body, in combination with the full metal drive head and the long-lasting 3,000 mAh battery, is designed for a long service life.

ST25e advantages
  • 40% lighter than comparable battery tensioners on the market
  • No comparable device on the market
  • Up to 400 daN preload force achievable
  • Adjustable torque preselection
  • Preload forces are reproducible at all times
  • Automated band brake
  • One-handed operation
  • Reliable BOSCH basic appliance
  • Lithium-ion batteries without self-discharge
  • for composite and woven belts up to max. 25 mm belt width
Technical data
  • 20 torque levels
  • 2x Li-Ion battery 12 V with 3,000 mAh
  • 1x charger from Bosch
  • Weight: 2.5 kg

Optimized accessories for package formation

Efficiency and safety at every step

Our accessories for package formation optimize the transport process through stability, safety and quality. With specially developed tools such as composite and woven strapping and our edge protector positioning aid, we make load securing considerably easier.

These aids enable quick and ergonomic handling by minimizing application time and allowing the user to have both hands free. Our robust and reliable products are specially designed to cope with daily use in industrial and logistics environments and to increase efficiency in the workplace.

Further accessories for package formation

Practical helpers for everyday life.

Professional package formation not only helps to ensure that the load unit remains stable and undamaged throughout transportation. It also covers the issue of occupational safety and depends on the quality of the materials used.

We offer optimally coordinated tools for our composite and woven strapping that make everyday work much easier. All components have been developed with ease of use, time optimization and ergonomic handling in mind.

You can use our positioning aid to fix the edge protectors on both sides of the cardboard packaging to be bundled. This leaves the user with both hands free to apply the strapping.

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