Stowage cushion accessories

Rothschenk attaches great importance to saving time, quality and efficiency when developing its loading tools. With powerful battery-powered blowers and filling guns, supplemented by versatile accessories such as adapters and filling systems, the products guarantee optimum handling thanks to first-class quality.

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Our range of dunnage bag accessories

Stowage cushion accessories

Optimized load securing

Rothschenk presents a versatile range of accessories for optimizing load securing, designed to simplify and improve the use of dunnage bags in containers. The range includes flexible adapter solutions for uncomplicated use, valve systems for effective air control and various positioning aids that make it easier to align and fix the dunnage bags. These accessories, including magnetic attachments and practical carrying aids, are crucial for fast, safe and precise handling of the load securing equipment. By increasing the adaptability and functionality of the dunnage bags, they make a significant contribution to improved and more efficient load securing.

Discover our complete range of accessories in our online store now and optimize your load securing processes today!

Our product recommendations for you

Battery blower for dunnage bags

Rothschenk battery-powered blowers offer enormous advantages when loading at the ramp. Without being tied to stationary compressed air systems or power lines, they have complete freedom of movement when filling the dunnage bags. They also offer a high level of work safety, as tripping hazards caused by cables lying around are avoided.

Our highest quality filling system is our Makita blower. Supplied with 2x 5.0 Ah batteries and a quick charger, it can be used safely throughout the day. Furthermore, with a filling pressure of 0.18 bar, it stands out from all other devices on the market and easily replaces compressed air-operated filling guns.

As we paid particular attention to a very flexible range of applications during development, it can be used with all types of valves on offer. And to increase comfort during use, the blower can be combined with a belt and flexible hoses.

By switching from stationary compressed air systems to mobile battery systems, many of our customers have already achieved considerable energy savings for their company.

Why you should choose (R) cordless blowers:

  • Large selection of combinable accessories
  • Powerful technology for battery and blower systems
  • Simple and innovative application
  • Excellent quality at fair prices
  • Fast availability thanks to short delivery times

Our product recommendations for you

Compressed air filling technology for dunnage bags

Rothschenk offers a wide range of effective filling technologies for dunnage bags, from mobile battery-powered blowers to stationary compressed air systems, all perfectly matched to each other. The product range comprises almost 100 items, including mobile systems, digital filling guns and special adapters that make everyday work easier and more efficient. Through close collaboration with customers and continuous innovation, Rothschenk strives to be an industry leader in providing customized solutions, incorporating customer feedback and practical insights into development.

Why you should opt for (R) filling technology:

  • Large selection of combinable accessories
  • Powerful technology for battery and blower systems
  • Simple and innovative application
  • Excellent quality at fair prices
  • Fast availability thanks to short delivery times

Positioning aids for container dunnage bags

Dreiarm Greifer Positionierhilfe für Ladungssicherung

Rothschenk offers a range of positioning aids to simplify the handling of load securing tools on the ramp. These professional, robust tools, including telescopic gripper arms and special aids for lashing systems and edge protectors, have been developed from practical experience for practical use.

They effectively bridge the challenges of hard-to-reach areas in the container, facilitate the attachment of lashing systems and the positioning of dunnage bags. Rothschenk is also prepared to respond to specific customer needs with customized solutions.

The advantages of (R) Positioning aid:

  • Heavy-duty quality for the highest demands
  • Tried and tested and effective
  • Diverse selection for every need
  • Customized innovation on request

Browse through our online store to find the right accessories for your dunnage bags.

Other stowage cushion accessories

90° Quick Connect

The 90° angled Quick Connect adapter makes it possible to fill dunnage bags in valve positions that are difficult to access.

For example, if the valve is against the container wall, the SMART valve can still be easily filled using the 90° angled Quick Connect.

The adapter is compatible with standard Rothschenk filling systems.


Level 2/3/4/5 adapter

When filling dunnage bags with high internal pressure values, such as level 2-5 dunnage bags, it does not make sense to use a normal Quick Connect.

The adapter with bayonet lock therefore ensures that unintentional slipping is prevented and safe filling is guaranteed at all times.


Non-return valve for compressed air guns

Our compressed air quick-fill gun has automatic overpressure control so that normal dunnage bags cannot be overfilled and burst.

However, there are applications where much higher internal pressures are required. Rothschenk has developed a non-return valve for this purpose, which also allows the filling process to be briefly interrupted.


Magnetic holder for quick-fill guns

The magnetic holder for compressed air guns and cordless blowers is ideal for quick use in everyday loading operations.

This is simply screwed onto the filling equipment and enables it to be fixed to the container wall for a short time. This means that the user has both hands free and the technology is protected from damage and dirt.

gastric support-rothschenk-load securing device

Carrying strap for battery blower

Simple, but simply good. We offer adjustable carrying straps for our cordless blowers. This means you always have your hands free during everyday loading.

carrying strap rothschenk load securing device

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Further information on dunnage bag accessories

Application of dunnage bag accessories

Rothschenk has a huge selection of container accessories. There are battery-powered blowers for dunnage bags, different adapters for Rothschenk valve types and much more. Whether you need individual components for filling technology or accessories such as replacement batteries or compressed air technology – at Rothschenk you will find a large selection of components in the best professional quality.

Many requirements - many solutions

When selecting our components, we always rely on reputable suppliers, often with headquarters and production facilities in Germany. In addition, we set our own high quality standards in order to maintain high product quality for the end customer.

At Rothschenk you always receive reliable quality – that is a promise for which we are known in the industry.

Advantages of (R) Stowage cushion accessories
  • Professional quality
  • Fast delivery times
  • Large selection
  • Sophisticated solutions
  • Individual advice on every product – write us a message with your request

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