Quick-fill gun | Aluminum adapter for SMART valve

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Quick filling gun incl. Aluminum adapter for SMART valve

The (R) quick-fill gun combines fast filling of dunnage bags and maximum robustness for everyday use on the loading ramp. Connection is made to standard compressed air systems with a 1/4″ connection. Due to the high quality aluminum construction you get a maximum durable product, even with daily use. The Quick Connect adapter supplied is a perfect fit for the Rothschenk SMART valves. The snap closure makes it easy to fill the dunnage bags with one hand.

At Rotschenk, we have mobile battery-powered blowers, stationary compressed air systems and numerous innovations in the area of adapters and accessory technology. All guns have in common that they have an integrated venturi principle. This draws in additional air and significantly speeds up the filling process. In addition, thanks to the principle, excess air can escape to the rear and overfilling of the stowage cushion can be prevented.

Advantages of the Venturi principle at a glance:

  • Faster filling: up to 2/3 ambient air is additionally sucked in (see drawing)
  • High safety aspect: no overfilling possible. The gun blows off to the rear when the stowage cushion is threatened with overfilling.
  • Saves compressed air and thus cash: Maintenance of compressed air systems is a major cost factor
  • 1/4″ compressed air connection
  • lightweight aluminum design
  • Significantly faster filling thanks to Venturi principle
  • Suction and blowing function
  • Color: black



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