The company history

Platinum medal
Ecovadis platform
(Top 1% of companies)
Sustainability Rating.


New logistics center


Platinum medal
Ecovadis platform
(Top 1% of companies)
Sustainability Rating.


Online store for private customers
Innovation made in Germany.


Company anniversary
25 years of load securing
Made in Germany.



Online store load securing
Engineered in Germany.


Over 100 employees in Aub

Annual production approx. 750,000 dunnage bags
500 different formats and designs
Around 40,000 restraint systems per year


New production hall

Construction of the new production hall, office extension and creation of the new production line for container restraint systems.

Annual production 500,000 units
more than 450 formats and designs
18,000 Restraint systems

2010 / 2011


New offices and conversion of existing offices into a training room.

Now 9 office buildings instead of 5
Additional reception area

2008 / 2009

New company name

In 1996, Nova-Opt GmbH became G&H GmbH Rothschenk

6 employees
2 dogs


Move to Aub

With the move to the new location, a production facility was also built.


Foundation of the company Nova-Opt GmbH by Hans Zehnter in the Hessian municipality of Erlensee.

15 employees
Annual production approx. 5,000 air cushions


A company with a long history

G&H GmbH Rothschenk

Overall, G&H GmbH Rothschenk is a company with a long history based on tradition, continuity, innovation, customer relationships, experience, expertise and sustainability. These factors have helped the company to remain successful over the years and enjoy a good reputation in the industry.


The company was founded many years ago and has a long tradition in the industry. It has built up a good reputation over the years and is known for its experience and expertise.


G&H GmbH Rothschenk has worked continuously over the years and has remained successful. It has adapted to the challenges of the market and is able to build long-term relationships with customers and partners.


Although the company has a long history, it has continued to innovate and adapt to technological developments. It has developed new products and solutions to meet the changing requirements of customers.

Customer relations

Through its long history, G&H GmbH Rothschenk has built up strong customer relationships. It has won the trust and loyalty of its customers, who value the company for its reliability and quality.

Experience and expertise

The company’s long history has given it extensive experience and expertise in its field. It has learned to deal with various challenges and can draw on this experience to offer its customers the best possible solutions.


G&H GmbH Rothschenk has developed a sustainable business practice over the years. It attaches great importance to environmental protection, social responsibility and ethical behavior. This helps to ensure that the company remains successful in the long term and makes a positive contribution to society.