Lashing lashing point

Lashing special lashing point extension

Modular Premium System

Originally designed for military use, the Lashing Special lashing point extension has now also established itself in industry. Its biggest advantage is the 100% flexible lashing point. This enables maximum flexibility, especially with constantly changing loading.

Practical extensions also turn the basic system into a quick-to-use and safe restraint system that is unique on the market. We will be happy to explain the exact application in detail.

Lashing lashing point extension

Flexible modular system for container lashing

Zurrpunkterweiterung Anwendung im Doppelstock mit Kunststoff-Transportkisten

To meet the constantly changing requirements of loading scenarios, we have developed the [R] lashing point extension system. This modular system allows goods to be secured flexibly at any point in the container.

It runs along the container wall and connects to existing lashing points, usable at both upper and lower attachment points. The system can be extended with additional lashing straps and offers special tie-down options in conjunction with our double ratchet to securely fasten the goods.

Basis of the modular system

Objective: Development of a flexible lashing point to be independent of the existing container eyelets. The focus of development was on maximum flexibility and maximum load-bearing capacity.

Lashing point extension application suspended on both sides in the container

A special lashing strap is hooked into the existing container eyelets using adapters with button hooks in the existing lashing points. This forms the basis for the flexible use of additional lashing straps.

  • Flexible lashing points along the container wall
  • Lashing points can be used at the top and bottom
  • All existing container eyelets can be used
Maximum load capacity

By using all available lashing points in the container, the lashing point extension system enables maximum utilization of the load capacity. This method improves the stability and safety of the load during transportation by distributing the forces evenly.

  Double ratchet for tensioning webbing straps

Use of the lashing points

Vertical use: Thanks to its design, the system can be used both vertically and horizontally. When used vertically, your goods can be lashed directly to the container wall.

Horizontal use: In horizontal use, it is possible to combine the system with a tie-down.
With our double ratchet, multiple use (e.g. outward and return journey) is also possible.

Lashing point extension Application in double-decker with pallet cages

Double ratchet

The double ratchet is an essential component to enable the goods to be tied down or tensioned against the container walls.

This allows the user to connect two straps together and, for example, achieve a binding between the lower and upper lashing points.

Double ratchet for tensioning webbing straps

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