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Do you have a special requirement or specific circumstances? Our experts will work with you to develop the right solution for your needs. We break new ground with you.


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1) Analysis

At the beginning is a blank sheet of paper.

As a technology leader in the industry, Rothschenk endeavours to offer a suitable solution for every loading situation. Sometimes this also means breaking new ground together with our customers and designing customised load securing products.

We take care of the entire process, from analysing the task to the finished product. As a manufacturer with our own production facilities in Germany, we can develop, build and certify customised load securing products in close cooperation with the customer.


2) Development

After analysing the requirements, the next step is to develop a solution. We take on this part for our customers – because we can.

The Rothschenk research and development department, many decades of experience, in-house testing facilities, specialists (e.g. plastics technicians) and in-house production with know-how “Made in Germany” – together with our external experts, you have access to concentrated expertise.

The best materials meet in-house production

A really good product is only created when all the components fit together perfectly. This starts with development and continues from production through to certification.

In our own production facility in Germany, we cut, sew, coat, print and combine a wide variety of materials (which we constantly test, of course) to create new, clever products.

Why don’t you visit us at our location in Aub in Lower Franconia?

3) Prototype

It’s time to test the jointly developed ideas in practice. To do this, we build your prototype (dunnage bags, lashing …. or a combination of different systems) at our premises in Aub and put it through its paces.

Preferably at your premises, with your loading personnel or at our in-house test facilities. This often results in requests for changes or even new ideas or variations.

We are only satisfied when you are. With certainty.

Made in Germany

Safety is important to us. In order to transfer the high quality standards of our products to new developments, we emphasise extensive testing procedures. Our videos provide an impressive demonstration of our load securing capabilities.


4) Certification

At Rothschenk you buy security. For our customers, we have our products certified and their performance tested by independent experts as required.

Certification ensures that you comply with all the requirements of Section 22 of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVo). Do not leave the question of liability to chance.

Customised solutions - examples

Welcome to our area of expertise. Special solutions is one of our core competences. As a German manufacturer with our own production facility in Aub, Franconia, we have access to all the necessary resources (research/development/production/testing).

Many of our products are the result of individual customer requirements for which there was no solution on the market. Our experienced specialists then worked closely with the client to develop solutions that are affordable and practicable.

5) Ready-made load securing

100% customer satisfaction is our goal. This is a recurring theme throughout the project phase.

For us, this means going all the way. From labelling to optimised packaging to enable even faster application for shippers.








Finished product

Rothschenk customised solutions

Load securing for your needs

Overall, a company with experience in developing new load securing equipment is important for you as a customer, as it has the expertise, practical experience, network and resources to develop effective and safe solutions. It can ensure that the load securing equipment developed meets the requirements and offers customers added value. Rothschenk combines all of this for its customers. You can see exactly how we proceed in our projects with customers here. The following reasons speak in favour of Rothschenk:


As a load securing manufacturer, Rothschenk has the specialist knowledge and expertise in load securing. We know the applicable regulations, standards and best practices and can contribute this knowledge to the development of new load securing equipment. This ensures that the solutions developed meet the requirements and are effective and secure.

Practical experience

We have already carried out numerous load securing projects and have practical experience in various industries and areas of application. This experience enables us to understand the specific requirements and challenges of load securing and to develop solutions that fulfil these requirements.

Network and resources

Our extensive network of partners, suppliers and experts in the industry. We actively use this network to access resources and expertise when developing new load securing equipment. This enables us to develop innovative solutions that are state of the art and fulfil customer requirements.

Quality assurance

Rothschenk has established quality control and quality assurance processes. This ensures that the load securing equipment developed meets the required quality standards and is reliable and safe. Compliance with these processes ensures that the solutions developed fulfil customer requirements and comply with the applicable regulations and standards.

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