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Rothschenk offers high-quality edge protection solutions to protect sensitive product edges from increased pressure during transportation. The range includes various edge protectors and tarpaulin systems that form effective loading units, especially in combination with dunnage bags.

For detailed instructions on the correct use of these products in load securing, you can watch the associated application video. This shows you how to make optimum use of edge protection products to effectively secure your load.

Edge protectors in various designs

(R) Edge protection angle plastic

Plastic edge protectors can be used in a variety of ways to secure loads, but there are special shapes. For paper rolls, building materials or other, sometimes very sensitive loads.

When straps are stretched over an edge, this area of a load is subjected to particularly high forces. The special design of the edge protectors relieves the edge significantly, and in the case of sensitive loads almost completely, and transfers the forces away into the surface .

In addition, the edge protectors guide the pre-tensioning forces over the deflection points (K-factor) of the fabric thanks to their design. Thanks to their very robust construction, the plastic edge protectors are as stable as they are durable.

(R) Hollow chamber edge protection

Building materials can take a lot. But our edge protectors are in no way inferior.
The hollow chamber construction makes them very light and extremely robust. The edge protectors are available in standard lengths as well as made to measure and are, of course, perfect for cardboard and bagged goods as well as building materials.

Transporting building materials is a particular challenge when it comes to securing loads. This is because heavy weights encounter rough surfaces and are often exposed to the elements. Therefore, the appropriate edge protectors must be able to withstand a lot.

Rothschenk edge protectors have rounded edges. The robust plastic (PE) protects both the goods and the lashing straps. They ensure that the pre-tensioning forces are transmitted evenly to the load, provide effective protection against damage and protect the load.
lashing equipment used.

(R) Cardboard truck edge protectors

Rothschenk cardboard edge protectors are specially designed for truck transport to optimize load safety and effectively protect goods. These angles are ideal for round containers such as barrels and also for cardboard packaging, as they distribute the pre-tensioning forces evenly over the surface of the goods and protect sensitive edges from damage.

The edge protectors can also be used flexibly, offer hooks for optimized belt guidance and are 100% recyclable. They effectively stabilize the pallet goods and can be individually printed on customer request, making them an environmentally friendly and customizable solution for load securing.

Edge protection FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Why do you need edge protection?

Edge protectors distribute the forces exerted on the load by lashing straps during transportation, thereby protecting sensitive edges and surfaces from damage. Their use minimizes the risk of load displacement and damage, which significantly increases safety during transport.

Rothschenk’s edge protectors are particularly known for their robust design, which ensures consistent performance even under extreme conditions.

What materials are used for effective edge protection?

Effective edge protection requires materials that are both resilient and sustainable. Polypropylene and polyethylene are popular because of their robustness and durability.

Rothschenk also uses 100% recyclable cardboard for its edge protectors, which guarantees a high level of functionality in load securing and also promotes environmentally friendly solutions.

How do you choose the right edge protection for specific load types?

When selecting edge protection, we at Rothschenk recommend taking into account the properties of the material and the type of load. We are also happy to advise you on customized solutions that go beyond the standard offerings in order to achieve optimum results.

Our edge protectors from are not only adaptable, but are also known for offering above-average durability and improved protection.

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