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Our certified drum securing system has been specially developed to effectively secure round goods on pallets. The drums, which are often difficult to handle due to their shape, can be quickly and easily transformed into a stable loading unit with our solution. Drum securing is available both as a one-way system with PET and composite straps and as a reusable system with a one-piece lashing strap or sewn-on strap. In addition, sewn-on pallet hooks make it easier to attach the securing device, which significantly reduces handling time. Our systems are certified in accordance with DIN EN 55415 and EUMOS 40509 and can be used for various drum sizes, making them an ideal solution for transportation.

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Further information on drum fuses

Application of drum fuses

The new EU Packaging Ordinance (EU VerpackV 2025) presents companies with completely new challenges.

The aim of the new regulation is to reduce packaging waste by replacing it with reusable packaging.

In the past, barrels were often wrapped in stretch film to keep them reasonably secure on the pallet.

On the one hand, this did not correspond to reliable load unit formation and will no longer be feasible as an application in the future. With the Rothschenk drum safety device, you can already actively switch to reusable containers and comply with the regulation.

Drum fuse Advantages
  • Certified as a stable load unit
  • DIN EN 55415 and EUMOS 40509 compliant
  • Can be used as a disposable or reusable system, depending on requirements
  • Can be installed by a single person
  • Quick & easy application thanks to pre-assembly
Technical data
  • Webbing material: PES (polyethersulfone)
  • Fittings material: Metal (FE)

Application of Rothschenk's drum fuse

Secure and stable fixing of drums on pallets

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The challenge of securing round drums on square pallets is easily mastered with our certified (R) Lashing drum securing system. This solution is perfect for securing a 200 liter steel beaded barrel securely on a Euro pallet and transforming it into a transportable unit.

Get valuable insights into the simple and safe use of our drum securing system with our application video. Find out how effortlessly the system can be used in practice and ensure optimum securing of your transport load.

Barrel fuse FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What variants and possible applications does drum securing offer and how can it be adapted to individual requirements?

The drum safety device is available in different versions that are specially adapted to the size and type of drums, including for 200 liter steel drums with a diameter of 600 mm as well as for 120 liter and 200 liter plastic drums with corresponding diameters. In addition, it can be used as a one-way or returnable system as required, allowing flexible adaptation to the requirements of different types of transportation.

Disposable systems equipped with PET and composite straps are ideal for one-off transports, while reusable systems with reusable straps are designed for more frequent applications.

The choice of system depends on your specific transportation needs.

How is the drum safety device fitted and what advantages does it offer in terms of handling and time efficiency?

Installation of the drum lock is simple and can be carried out by a single person. Thanks to pre-assembled elements and the option of using sewn-on pallet hooks, the securing system can be attached to the pallet quickly and efficiently. This not only saves time, but also increases ease of handling and flexibility when loading drums.

Can the drum safety device be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the material of the barrel lock, consisting of polyester and robust metal fittings, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and guarantees durability and resistance to weather influences.

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