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Perfect form fit and
Simple axle load distribution

Optimum load securing

Truck bumper pads

The loading situations on the truck are constantly changing, meaning that the load securing equipment required is exposed to high loads in order to provide the necessary securing force. Our dunnage bags are therefore consistently designed as a reusable solution and made of robust material.

Whether it’s our innovative [R] Dually Bag, the double chamber padding or a 3D stowage pad: what they all have in common is that they are designed for particularly large stowage gaps. If, on the other hand, the goods have a base, i.e. are smaller than the base area of the pallet, our saddle bag is used. The dunnage bag fills the gaps in the dunnage so that a positive fit is re-established between the pallets.

Further information on truck dunnage bags

Application of truck dunnage bags

Truck dunnage bags create a tight fit between the goods and/or body parts of the truck. In this way, you not only fill existing gaps, but also help to take axle load distribution into account when planning the loading.

According to VDI 2700, factors such as permissible front and rear axle load and permissible payload must be taken into account. In order to position the resulting center of gravity of the load ideally above the axles, it is often necessary not to unload the goods completely, but to leave gaps in between. These can fill dunnage bags in a time-saving and form-fitting manner.

  • Laminated fabric makes it resistant to mechanical damage
  • moisture resistant
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable
  • Simple and flexible to use
  • Freely accessible valve position
  • Fast filling with compatible Rothschenk filling systems
  • Individual sizes available
Technical data
  • Outer padding: PP (polypropylene) ribbon fabric, coated
  • Inner padding: PE (polyethylene) film
  • Environmental note: Joint disposal of PP and PE, fully recyclable, unproblematic when incinerated

Rothschenk's truck traffic jam cushion

All-in-one LaSi solution: Versatile, robust and sustainable!

Rothschenk offers a range of truck dunnage bags that have been specially developed for demanding use in constantly changing loading situations. These reusable solutions include innovative designs such as the [R] Dually Bag, double chamber and 3D dunnage bags, which are ideal for large stowage gaps. In addition, the saddle bag offers a solution for goods that are smaller than their pallets by filling gaps and ensuring a tight fit. The cushions are made of robust, laminated fabric, are moisture-resistant, environmentally friendly and known for their ease of use. Specially developed baffle pads fill empty spaces along the loading area and prevent the goods from tipping over, supported by simple filling and color coding for correct attachment. All cushions are TÜV Rheinland certified, reusable and can be adapted to individual requirements.

The special solution

Truck bumper pads

[R] Bumper pads were developed to fill the empty spaces between the side slats of a truck and the goods. The aim is to create a positive fit and prevent the goods from tipping over.

They are attached over the entire length of the loading area using elastic bands. Loading then begins as usual. Once loading is complete, the bows are filled with a mobile battery blower or compressed air, for example.

To ensure that the valves are always accessible from the rear, both sides are color-coded for use on the right or left side.

Further information on truck bows

Application of truck baffle pads

If there are small gaps in the load when the goods are high and at risk of tipping, it was previously difficult to create a tight fit towards the tarpaulin.

On a truck with an XL body, the side wall has a load capacity of up to 40%. This results from the special design with lateral stop bar for the pallets and the construction of the insert slats and tarpaulin.

The baffle pad makes use of this special feature, as it is attached to the insertion battens and fills the gap between the fabric and the battens with a positive fit. In combination with anti-slip mats and an XL body, this means that a large proportion of the classically used load securing equipment such as lashing straps can be dispensed with.

  • TÜV Rheinland certified
  • Positive locking achievable over the entire length of the vehicle
  • Width 270 mm flexibly adjustable
  • Simple operation using a mobile battery-powered blower or compressed air
  • reusable
  • Color coding from right/left
  • recyclable
Technical data
  • Outer padding: PP (polypropylene) ribbon fabric, coated
  • Inner padding: PE (polyethylene) film
  • Valve: SMART
  • Environmental note: Joint disposal of PP and PE, fully recyclable, unproblematic when incinerated

(R) Bows cushion load securing

Innovative solution for your truck transport

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Creating a tight fit to secure loads in trucks is essential, especially when bridging gaps such as between goods and bows. Our new [R] bumper pad, demonstrated in our application video, is specially designed to cover the entire length of a truck (13.6 m).

Before loading, the cushion is simply attached with a flexible strap and quick-release fastener and inflated after the loading process. It is also TÜV Rheinland certified, which confirms its quality and safety. Watch the video to see the application in action.

What distinguishes the [R] bows cushion system from conventional stowage cushions?

Rothschenk’s [R] bows cushion system offers special advantages that set it apart from other load securing systems. Thanks to its adjustable width and unique design, which enables complete positive locking along the length of the vehicle, it ensures optimum securing of the load. It is also TÜV Rheinland certified, which underlines its reliability and quality. Easy handling with a mobile battery blower or compressed air and reusability make it a sustainable and efficient solution in modern logistics.

They also make an effective contribution to sustainability thanks to their recyclable materials and robust design, which also means a cost-effective long-term solution for transport companies.

How are the bows filled?

Once loading is complete, the bows are filled either with a mobile battery-powered blower or with compressed air. This makes handling simple and efficient and enables quick adaptation to the loading situation.

For this purpose, Rothschenk offers a range of practical accessories for dunnage bags, which you can order conveniently in our online store.

Technical data
  • Outer padding: PP (polypropylene) ribbon fabric, coated
  • Inner padding: PE (polyethylene) film
  • Valve: SMART

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