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Properly securing small canisters or hobboks on pallets is a special challenge on all transports. Due to their shape, these can only be secured with great effort, especially if they are small or in the hazardous goods area.

With our self-developed small container securing system, you can quickly and easily create a secure loading unit from the goods and a pallet. [R] Small container securing can be used with PET and composite strapping as a one-way system.

This makes the pre-assembled small container securing system the ideal solution for every mode of transport. We offer you various designs that are specially adapted to hobbocks, grease buckets and other small containers. In addition, its use in the dangerous goods sector is independently certified by EUROSAFE.

Small container securing Advantages
  • Certified as a stable load unit
  • DIN EN 55415 and EUMOS 40509 compliant
  • Can be used as a disposable or reusable system, depending on requirements
  • Can be installed by a single person
  • Quick & easy application thanks to pre-assembly
Technical data
  • Webbing material: PES (polyethersulfone)
  • Fittings material: Metal (FE)

Guide to securing small containers

Optimum load securing for special transport goods


Securing small canisters or hobbocks on pallets is a major challenge, especially in the hazardous goods sector. Our innovative small container securing system makes it possible to form a secure loading unit quickly and effectively. The solution is designed as a disposable system with PET and composite tape and is specially tailored to the needs of hobbocks, fat buckets and other small containers.

Certified by EUROSAFE and compliant with DIN EN 55415 and EUMOS 40509, our pre-assembled securing system offers a reliable and user-friendly method of securing loads for various modes of transport.

Small container fuse FAQ

Frequently asked questions

How is the small container fuse fitted correctly?

The small container is secured with the help of prefabricated PET and composite straps. These straps are wrapped around the canisters or hobbocks and the pallet and tightened to create a stable unit. Our instructions provide a step-by-step explanation that makes installation easy even for inexperienced people.

What are the advantages of the one-way system for securing small containers?

The one-way system is particularly advantageous for the transportation of hazardous goods or if the return of the securing materials would be logistically unfavourable or costly. It enables safe, one-time use and is cost-efficient and easy to dispose of.

How does securing small containers help to increase efficiency?

The prefabrication of our safety systems speeds up the installation process considerably. A single person can fit the lock without additional tools and in a very short time. This not only significantly reduces loading times, but also minimizes the workload and the associated costs. The speed and simplicity of the system makes it ideal for companies that have a high turnover rate for their products.

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