Wire closure clip 32 mm | SET with 250 pieces

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Wire closure clip 32 mm | SET with 250 pieces

Our wire sealing clips are used for sealing 32 mm strapping tape as well as fabric tape. The wire itself has a thickness of 6 mm. A special feature of our wire closure clip is the special surface structure with an innovative embossing, which brings an increased frictional force.

To seal the strapping with the wire sealing clamp, it is threaded through the clamp and then brought to the desired tension with a reel tensioner. The system is ideal for securing load units on pallets as well as for bundling wood or shipping general cargo.

There are 250 pieces in each packing unit of our wire lock clamps.

  • Wire lock clamp 32 mm
  • Wire thickness: 6 mm
  • Galvanized and embossed
  • Suitable for all belt types
  • Set with 250 pieces
  • Polyester composite tape | 32 mm

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    Delivery Time: ca. 2-3 business days
  • Haspelspanner_Lashing_Gurtband_Spannen_Hebel_Container_Ladungssicherung_Rothschenk

    Reel tensioner | up to 40 mm belt width

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