Polyester fabric tape | 25 mm

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Polyester fabric tape | 25 mm

Polyester fabric strap (strapping tape) is mainly used for securing pallets or connecting packages. As a cost-effective packaging material and with its high strength, strapping efficiently supports the bundling of small units into larger packages. This ensures that your load units always arrive safely at their destination. With fabric tape, the polyester threads are not glued but cross-woven, which makes it more flexible during use and less likely to be cut by sharp-edged packaged goods.

Our strapping can be easily and quickly sealed with a wire sealing clamp, tensioned with a reel tensioner and then precisely cut. For a complete solution, we also offer the matching wire closure clamps and tensioners in our online store. So you get everything you need for reliable and professional strapping.


  • Polyester fabric tape 25 mm
  • Tensile force: 950 daN
  • System strength: 950 daN
  • Core Ø: 76 mm
  • 500 m per roll
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