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Intelligent solutions for securing loads on pallets

Pallet load securing is of crucial importance for safety during loading and transport. Rothschenk has been developing and manufacturing solutions to safely transport palletized goods of all kinds for over 25 years.

Certified lashing restraint systems for container shipping

To secure palletized goods during container shipping, you will find perfectly coordinated lashing systems from us. [R] White Lash are woven polyester disposable webbing straps that you can order by the meter in various breaking strengths and simply cut to the required length as needed. In combination with belt buckles and cardboard edge protectors, this lashing solution is not only very inexpensive, but also ideal for securing goods with low weights.

[R] Red Lash are prefabricated and reusable lashing systems for every common loading situation. They have been tried and tested millions of times, offer an attractive price-performance ratio and are easy to use. Since Red Lash uses similar high-quality components as the Pro Lash lashing system, you secure goods absolutely reliably with the Red Lash restraint system.

For rear load securing of drums, BigBags, IBCs or crates in overseas containers, we offer [R] Pro-Lash, a highly professional, innovative lashing system that is height-adjustable and extendable depending on the version. The prefabricated straps, buckles and pointed hooks are particularly easy to use and reliably protect cargo.

All our lashing systems are CTU Code-compliant and certified by the T√úV Rheinland Academy. In combination with stowage pads and edge protectors, they ensure safe transport of your goods in the container with little time and effort.

Securing pallets with shelter

If your load does not conform to the standard pallet dimensions and does not fill the full basic format of a Euro pallet even with repackaging and transport packaging, we have several flexible solutions on offer at the same time: dunnage pads are a quick and easy option for filling individual gaps and enabling form-fit and force-fit load securing. For large stowage gaps, we recommend the [R] Pro Line double-chamber stowage pads in "X" design - and brand new: our [R] Dually-Bag, which offer a higher contact surface than regular models and thus secure the transported goods particularly reliably.

If the load has a shelter on two opposite sides, our [R] Pro Line saddlebags ensure optimum load securing: Two stowage pads, which rest against the goods on the left and right, combined with a robust PP tarpaulin, ensure force-locked and form-fit securing of the load. Our innovative [R] SIRI (securing ring) even protects your goods from all four sides with stowage pads.

To ensure that your goods are optimally secured during handling, loading and transport, we plan, design and manufacture the Pro Line load securing systems individually on behalf of the customer and match them perfectly to each item and packing size.

Keep the cold chain closed - even when loading

The [R] thermal hood is manufactured individually according to customer specifications from an efficient insulating material and can then simply be slipped over palletized frozen or refrigerated goods. The thermal hood provides good insulation so that it is also possible to place pallets briefly in areas without refrigeration during loading without interrupting the cold chain.

Would you like to learn more about our innovative, clever and millionfold proven solutions for securing pallets or get a non-binding offer for your load? Then simply send us an e-mail at info@rothschenk.de or use our contact form.

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Securing Chemical Products - A drawing of a container loaded with IBCs secured with an oversized stowage pad, cardboard edge protectors and webbing.


Square. Safe. Good.

You want to transport liquids in IBCs? Our new [R] Red Lash is cost-efficient - in every aspect.

Drawing of a 20 foot container loaded with a two level of barrels 4 lashing Rothschenk



Whether it is a securement of barrels on a pallet or in a bond in a container, our restraining systems have proven their reliability millions of times.

Single tier High wooden crates, 2s lashing Rothschenk individual solutions


Load securement. The entire pallet.

The classic in load securement - correspondingly high is our experience and the number of perfect fitting solutions for it.

Drawing of a 20 feet container loaded with 20 big bags Rothschenk

Soft packaging

Hard shell. Soft core.

You are not familiar with our [R] Lashing Tec, yet? Then it's about time to revolutionize your loading situation together.

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Individual solutions

Analysis. Development. Roll out.

You need a special solution? As a manufacturer, you get technically sophisticated and outstanding solutions first-hand from us.

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