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Whether transporting entire assemblies, engines or individual components for automobiles:
Our securing systems ensure that everything arrives safely at its destination. Especially when shipping via container, considerable acceleration forces come into play, often in several axial directions.
Therefore, together with you we will create a loading scheme that you can rely on 100%.

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The automotive industry is networked worldwide. Our certified load securing systems ensure that the transport routes between the automotive industry, suppliers, dealers and export ports can be handled smoothly without damage. In doing so, we also take into account the possibly different modes of transport on the way from the manufacturer to the customer.

Minimize risks

Automotive suppliers are currently under particular pressure due to the e-mobility transformation. On the one hand, the industry needs to generate growth, but at the same time it also needs to take quality management into account by minimizing risks. Supply chains must function just as well as the just-in-time delivery of components must be ensured.

Defective goods severely disrupt these processes and quickly cause immense costs. Load securing tailored to the automotive industry, on the other hand, significantly reduces failures and their consequences.

Different transport carriers - different requirements

Depending on the type of transport, the requirements for load securing are very different. For example, forces of up to 4G occur when shunting freight trains. When the individual freight trains are coupled, these accelerations occur for a very short time when the freight trains with the buffers collide.

In contrast, the requirements for sea transport are completely different. The pitching and rolling motions of a ship exert additional vertical stress on the goods, which are also constantly accelerated horizontally in both directions.

If both transport routes meet, i.e. a container is transported on its journey by both rail and ship, the load securing must ensure safe transport for both cases.

25 years - Made in Germany

Our 25 years of experience and our certified load securing systems give you the security that your products will arrive undamaged at their destination and that you can fully concentrate on your core automotive business.

Looking for a special solution?

Loading rapidly and without lashing points?

No fitting lashing points available? Or does it have to go fast?

No problem - unless you have no [R] Pro Line S.A.M.
The Dunnage Bags with patented Anti-slip-coating reliably fix the goods.

You can find more information here.

Same loading situation every day?

Do you still secure tediously by hand?

For example, we have developed an automated system for the transport of car wheels that makes loading the same car every time a breeze.

Or do you still fix by hand...?

Opening a container door without the goods falling out?

A tarpaulin placed between the goods and the container door prevents individual goods (e.g. cardboard packaging) from falling out when the container is opened.

Raise the quality of your recipient's securement at the lowest cost-expense.

[R] Full Safety as Tarpaulin or with incorporated Air cushion

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We understand our customers, because the special challenges of load securing for automotive suppliers are manifold:

Wide range of products: Automotive suppliers manufacture a wide range of products that can have different shapes, sizes and weights. The load securing systems must therefore be flexible and able to adapt to the various requirements.

High requirements for quality and safety: The automotive industry attaches great importance to quality and safety. Automotive suppliers must ensure that their load securing systems meet the strict requirements and that the load remains safe and undamaged during transport.

Just-in-time deliveries: The automotive industry often works with just-in-time deliveries, where parts must be in the right place at exactly the right time. Load securing systems must be designed to enable efficient and punctual delivery without interfering with production processes.

International transports: Automotive suppliers are often involved in global supply chains and have to transport their products worldwide. This poses additional challenges for load securing, as different countries may have different regulations and standards.

Cost optimization: Automotive suppliers are under pressure to optimize their costs. Load securing systems must be efficient and cost-effective without compromising safety and quality.

Innovation and technology: The automotive industry is constantly changing and new technologies and innovations are being introduced all the time. Automotive suppliers have to adapt to these changes and develop their load securing systems accordingly to meet the requirements.

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