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Women's quota? We have: 70%

The discussion of the women's quota is often characterized by dominant clich├ęs and the question of whether equality across all sectors is feasible and sensible at all. At Rothschenk, meeting a prescribed quota was never an issue. From the very beginning, the proportion of women was above average and a defining element of the corporate culture. The W├╝rzburg-based Main [...]

A cookie a day keeps the stress away.

"A cookie a day keeps the stress away." ­čśë It was that time again: the Rothschenk Christmas party 2023 was coming up. Time for friends, joy and conviviality. But also time for a review of what has been achieved and the opportunity to congratulate long-standing employees on their anniversaries. Thanks to all employees, the organizers of the event [...]

NEW - Round bottom bag for drums

When filling fats, oils and adhesives into drums, the same problem always arises at the destination: complete emptying is not possible and the drums are no longer suitable for a second use. This makes no sense either financially or in terms of sustainability. Therefore, the use of a round bottom bag before filling is a [...]

Take a break - but in style, please

From an HR press release: "Employee retention is an area of responsibility of Human Resources, the aim of which is to retain employees in the company in the medium and long term." At Rothschenk, we take a more human approach. We would say: the team has to feel good and that's where the eye feels too ­čśë For this reason [...].

NEW: [R] Dually Bag for large loading gaps in the container

When shipping goods in intermodal transport, correct load distribution in the container, different loading units and utilization of the container repeatedly result in unavoidable, larger gaps between the packages.

We at your site - Exactly what you need

On-site the best adviceApplied practice professional advice The greatest benefit for you as a customer: Our field service at your company. Because it doesn't get any more direct and time-saving for you. THE OUTPUT SITUATION Good load securing presents your company with challenges time and again? Do your employees have different levels of knowledge on the subject? Your applications and thus loading methods are constantly changing? THE GOAL [...]

Networks far beyond the industry

For us, sustainability goes beyond mere words - it is an integral part of our business principles. Not only are we actively committed to energy-efficient production processes and resource-saving manufacturing, but our efforts are also reflected in certifications such as ISO 14001, EMAS and EcoVadis! Since 2021, we have been a proud member of the UN Global Compact and [...]

PLATIN supplier of load securing - Ecovadis Rating

Aub. 22.08.2023 Yes, we did it again. After achieving PLATIN status in 2022, we were able to repeat our extraordinary success in 2023. In doing so, we were even able to improve our sustainability rating and thus maintain the PLATIN status. What sounds like a simple finger exercise actually involves a great deal of commitment, diligence and effort. When you [...]

The care pilots - We leave no one alone

Aub. 15.05.2023 Caring for a relative is a stressful situation. Particularly in the case of home care, it is a special challenge to reconcile the private and professional life situation. In addition, the need for care can arise completely unexpectedly, for example as a result of an accident. Those affected therefore often "shimmy" through everyday life more or less disoriented. A clear [...]

Women power does not retire!

Aub. 04.05.2023 You don't like to give away proven inventory. When female power meets life experience, company history is written. During a short celebration, Rothschenk was able to award three female employees of the first hour for their special merits. Of course, the management did not miss the opportunity to say a few words to each of the employees. Hilde Neuerer led for a long time [...]

Review - LogiMat Stuttgart 2023

Stuttgart. 27.04.2023 Three eventful days are behind us. In addition to new products for load securing, such as our new TruckLash or the Dually Bag, we also had proven LaSi means represented at our booth. We are especially proud of our new show container, which perfectly showcases the Rothschenk products with maximum variability. Furthermore we had a "Testing area" for [...]

New logistics hall - open day with tractor exhibition

Aub. 26.03.2023 The new logistics hall was full. But this time with visitors. Rothschenk invited the residents around Aub, Baldersheim and Burgerroth to take a look at the new logistics center at the main location in Aub and to celebrate its inauguration. The catchment area was then probably much larger, because with an estimated 500 visitors there was a lot going on. 40 cake trays [...]

BREAKING NEWS: IHK Energy and Environment Committee

Aub. 22.03.2023 After our media attention generating cover story in the IWM magazine of the IHK W├╝rzburg-Schweinfurt, another Rothschenk highlight follows immediately. One of our partners, J├╝rgen Schulte-Wieking was appointed on 16.03.2023 in the meeting of the IHK plenary assembly, as a member of the Energy and Environment Committee of the IHK W├╝rzburg-Schweinfurt. He will thus be responsible for the fate of the IHK in the election period 2023 to 2026 [...].

A good training - for sure!

Aub. 15.03.2023 Rothschenk trains. For over 20 years. This is not a matter of course in today's cost-efficient world. Nevertheless, it has been a special concern of the Rothschenk company for two decades to give young people a good start into their professional life. It is also an attractive way to counteract the much-discussed shortage of skilled workers. As a rule [...]

Auber Fr├╝hling - Day of the open logistics hall at Rothschenk

Aub. 07.03.2023 On 26.03.23 the "Auber Fr├╝hling" takes place again. Entrepreneurs of the small town in Lower Franconia present their performance on an open Sunday. Accompanied by a colorful supporting program and a multifaceted market, there is something entertaining for young and old, not only for the eye. For Rothschenk, the annual date this year coincides with the completion of the [...]

Training at Rothschenk - The Video!

Aub. 06.03.2023 HR- Human Resources, that sounds very technical and impersonal. But it is precisely in the search for personnel and the constant maintenance of employee/company relations that the "human touch" is so important. Current developments on the labor market make it difficult for companies to recruit new employees or to attract trainees to the company. Rothschenk also faces this challenge and goes [...]

IHK Interview - Pioneer of sustainable management

Aub. 01.03.2023 Rothschenk makes it onto the front page. Naturally, only the most important topics and leading companies end up there. This underlines our claim to be the "innovation leader" in the industry. Not only in our products, but also in their manufacturing steps, in the company structures and in the entire economic process. Beforehand, we talked to one of the managing directors of G&H [...].

Ho! Ho! Ho! - Christmas party at Rothschenk

Aub. 06.12.2022 Tradition and almost legendary: The Rothschenk Christmas party. Also in 2022 and especially because Corona makes it possible again: Live and in color. At convivial get-togethers, there was time for conversation, shared laughter and joy about what has been achieved. The managing directors Thomas Lorenz and Torsten Urban were particularly pleased about the opportunity to [...]

It's Living Room Cup Time!

Originated in Corona as a substitute for the live club football, the FIFA Living Room Tournament has developed into a real size among football fans. The so-called Living Room Cup will take place for the 4th time this year and is also drawing wide circles in Lower Franconia. Also in 2023 Rothschenk supports the games as one of the sponsors and feverish with who [...]

We are on fire!

Aub. 09.11.2022 What if? For the third time, a large-scale fire drill was held on the premises of G&H GmbH Rothschenk. The aim of the exercise: to simulate a fire in an industrial plant. What are the routes? Are all the people reported as present that day actually safe? Are all the rehearsed procedures also in the team [...]

New logistics center - celebration of inauguration

Aub. 09.11.2022 Our new logistics center will not only make it possible to supply our customers even more efficiently - it is also slowly taking shape. On 09.11.22 we were able to celebrate the topping-out ceremony of our new hall with personalities from regional politics and also our construction companies. At the inauguration Roman Menth, mayor of the city of Aub, of course [...]

IHK election - Rothschenk into the general assembly!

He already has our mental support - now it's up to you! Use your right to vote and help decide who may represent your interests from 2023 to 2026. Voting is still possible until 13.10.2022! The absentee ballot documents have already been sent by mail to every company in Mainfranken entitled to vote.

Safety first! Driving safety training at the ADAC

Rothschenk stands for safety. As a manufacturer of load restraints, we work every day to make traffic routes safer. But this does not end with our responsibility as a producer. Every day, our sales representatives are on the road to customers or our employees on their way to training courses or simply on their way to the workplace.

Construction of the new logistics center in full swing ...

Rothschenk is growing. The product range in LaSi has been steadily expanded and new business areas have been developed. Due to the increased demand from commercial and now also private customers, the demands on logistics have also increased significantly. With [R] SHOP24 and CoverMio, two new online stores have also been added in the last two years. After the purchase of the neighboring...

Good for the climate - project in Africa supported

Since 2018, we have been intensively concerned with the effects of our actions on the environment and the climate - the basic framework for this is the EMAS environmental management system. In 2022, we have set ourselves the goal of going one step further. Therefore, we have assessed our carbon footprint according to the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) standard....

Platinum achieved! EcoVadis awards Rothschenk

Aub. 28.07.2022 The summit is conquered. We have once again undergone the EcoVadis rating and it is not silver, nor gold but PLATIN. This puts us in the top 1% of companies rated on the EcoVadis platform in our industry. Constant commitment, actions to improve business performance in areas such as the environment, labor and human rights,...

Driving safety training

Aub, 25.05.2022 Rothschenk stands for safety on the road, rail and sea. As far as traffic on the road is concerned, the employees' way to work is also accompanied by various challenges. The Rothschenk team was therefore able to complete a one-day driving safety training course in cooperation with the ADAC. A course was set up on the company's own premises for this purpose, where skill and...

32nd Munich Dangerous Goods Days

25.05.2022 - 32nd Munich Dangerous Goods Days As a leader in the industry, we were of course also represented at the Munich Dangerous Goods Days from 23-25.05.2022. The decision makers and responsible persons for load securing of different companies used this opportunity to refresh their knowledge. Main topics of the speakers were: Legal changes and implementation in practice Developments in the waste management industry Dangerous goods law violations from legal practice Training in times of...

District Administrator Thomas Eberth visits Rothschenk!

19.05.2022 - High-ranking visitor at Rothschenk Four strong partners met on 19.5.2022 in Aub. District Administrator Thomas Eberth (W├╝rzburg District), Rico Neubert (Head of Staff Department W├╝rzburg District Office) and Mayor Roman Menth (City of Aub) made a personal impression of the sustainability commitment of the Lower Franconian load securing manufacturer at an on-site appointment at Rothschenk. As a participant in the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact, the claim...

Cargo blog: The platform for expertise around loading

Our LaSi blog posts are read by an average of 700 website visitors per month. The reason is certainly the high professional level on the topic of load securing, around truck, sea and rail transport (or intermodal). Renowned names in the industry such as Sigurd Ehringer (SE-LogCon), Wolfgang Neumann (Eurosafe) or Christian Schmid (LKW-Schmid) guarantee the high quality of the author texts. So far... Translated with (free version)

Plastic recycling system - pioneering work by Rothschenk

Sustainability, recycling, circular economy - these terms are increasingly present in our everyday lives. Often there are good intentions behind them or, unfortunately, simply advertising statements without real ambitions. Rothschenk has consciously committed itself to the topic of sustainability and also lives this actively. This is demonstrated by extraordinary awards (EMAS, EMASplus, Ecovadis, DIN ISO 9001:2015), but also by pioneering work in [...]

Goooal for Rothschenk!

For a long time, club life in Germany was reduced to a minimum, contact restrictions made active sports almost impossible. So it's all the nicer that a bit of normality is now returning to everyday life and that football matches can also take place again. Rothschenk not only feels a connection to Germany as a location for the manufacture of load securing equipment, but also to the country and its people in his private life. The...

The ten principles of the UN Global Compact

We have been an active member of the UN Global Compact since December 15, 2021. This means we are subject to the 10 principles of this award. Corporate sustainability begins with a company's value system and a principle-based business approach. This means that we act in a way that fulfills fundamental responsibilities in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. As a responsible company, we pursue sustainability wherever ...

Excellent education - 25 years

Tomorrow's managers are today's junior staff. More and more companies are recognizing that the best specialists cannot simply be "bought in", but should ideally be part of the team right from the start.

XXL Pool Pillow/Pool Cushion for winter

Application video XXL pool cushions Winterizing the pool: this is how it works! In our application video, we show you how you can make your pool winter-proof or protect it from dirt in no time at all. Without the tarpaulin sinking in or the swimming pool dirty. With the [R] XL Pool Cushion you have the following advantages: The pool frame is not damaged by frost. Only one (!) cushion per pool ...

Promotional video for the region

Aub. 10.08.2021 Our region is one of the sunniest in Germany. The flat country lets the view wander effortlessly into the distance and the people are down-to-earth. The district of Lower Franconia - which also includes Aub - has a lot to offer. In addition to a good infrastructure, the aspect of a good employer also plays a role when deciding whether to move here....

Just hang out ... Summer party 2021

Aub. 03.08.2021 The summer rather lukewarm, parties rare, the party mood the last few months low - the last year has required a lot of patience. All the nicer that we, the Rothschenk team, were able to organize a summer party together again this year. Under the current hygiene regulations, the outdoor location was of course a good choice. The climbing park "Hochseilgarten Frankenturm" offered...

Yes, we did it again...

Aub. 24.06.2021 Once again this year, G&H GmbH Rothschenk was able to prove itself in the sustainability assessment on the international buyer platform EcoVadis. Awarded a silver medal, the company performed above average in the industry comparison in the areas of environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement (see graphic). With the achieved score of 64, G&H GmbH [...].

DEKRA certified dunnage bags - never seen before!

Level 0, Level 1 and Level 1 AAR - is everything always the same, or what is actually the difference? There are many designations for the load capacity of dunnage bags on the market. But what is really behind them? After all, as a customer you want transparency when buying the product. This much in advance: There are clear differences between the manufacturers in the strength/quality specifications...

Carpenters now secure cargo with dunnage bags! | Rothschenk

Whether shopfitters, construction carpenters or cabinetmakers - all are faced at some point with the challenge of bringing the craftsmanship to the customer undamaged. In addition to the topic of load securing during transport, not least the protection of the pieces of furniture made with a lot of dedication, from scratches and damage is the highest goal - After all, as a carpenter you want to provide the customer with top...

What do Madagascar and Aub have in common?

AUB. 22.03.2021 Corona is shutting everything down? In many areas this is true, but as far as social commitment is concerned, the children of the children's church in Baldersheim did not want to accept this so easily. Therefore they supported the Solibrot action of Misereor to help the poorest in the world. In keeping with the times, the children decided to shoot a video for the...

[R] SHOP24 - When do you buy?

Here I buy for sure! Rothschenk has consistently invested in digitization and, above all, in online marketing over the past few months. In addition to new products such as the option to book online courses on the topic of load securement, a new online shop was set up in particular. The newly chosen strategy is now paying off. Because many customers have already been waiting for the opportunity ...

Finish line or archway? What is that?

AUB. 25.08.2020 ...that's what many people ask themselves when they first see our new development. This much in advance: The innovation from Rothschenk has many possible applications. Originally designed as a draught and cold stopper at the loading ramp, the "archway" was developed together with one of our customers. Since then, it has sealed the gap between the loading zone and the open rear wall of the truck, thus preventing drafts. In seconds...

We bring you safely under the hood

AUB. 25.08.2020 We have designed a custom made cover for a good customer of ours. This is designed as a reusable solution and was sewn with our robust fabric cover. For a fluid application in the daily production routine, the cover is equipped with a wide Velcro fastener and can be opened both at the front and the top.

Rothschenk provides heavenly assistance

AUB. 24.08.2020 More than 300 years ago a - now canonized - clergyman was thrown from a Prague bridge into the Vltava River. According to legend, he did not want to break the confessional secret and was punished for it. Since then he has been the patron saint of the bridges.

[R] Power on the road!

AUB. 24.08.2020 With our load securement system you can step on the gas with confidence. Because safety is a decisive factor on the road, privately as well as on the race track. Therefore we supported a good customer of ours and sponsored him with our logo on his race suit.

The new Rothschenk star is here!

To give our brand presence a sharper profile, we have given our new Sprinter the CI of our company fleet. Now it shines in the same colors as the "Lasilinchen" - the 18 vehicles that employees have received for private use at Rothschenk.

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And the Oscar goes to ÔÇŽ

Aub. 19.02.2020 Once again, G&H GmbH Rothschenk has proven itself in the certification by EcoVadis. In addition to topics such as ethics and sustainable procurement, criteria such as labor and human rights as well as the environment are at the top of the specifications. With a score of 63, the company was able to increase its score by another 4 points. As a result, the status [...]


Aub. Stuttgart, January 16, 2020, 6:45 p.m. Katrin P├╝tz, inventor of the biogas rucksack, in conversation with the SWR moderator of the program "Couch talk": In it she reports on her experiences with biogas in rucksacks, where a fuel is obtained by rotting dung. Thanks to its clever design, the backpack is easy to transport and ready for use at any time. The agricultural engineer Katrin ...

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We want you!

- INDEPENDENT SALES REPRESENTATIVE - To be a great place to work, we need great people to work with us. Rothschenk is a specialist in load securement systems and has been steadily growing since it was founded in 1996. Not only with our products, we attach great importance to quality, but especially with our employees. [...]

Major fire drill on the company premises

Aub. Wednesday, 23.10.2019, 19.00 Major fire in the production of G&H GmbH Rothschenk. You would have thought so, so professional was the implementation of the firefighting exercise by the local fire departments. Under real conditions, the elaborate scenario was recreated on the Rothschenk factory premises. The special requirements of a plastics processing company were taken into account. Injured persons had to be evacuated, sources of fire [...]

Review ÔÇô the FachPack Exhibition 2019

Nuremberg. One of the largest packaging trade fairs - FachPack - opened its doors again from 24-26-09.19. G&H Rothschenk was of course there and brought some new innovations in its luggage. For example, new lashing systems such as the Pro Lash Tec (for soft packaging) and the Pro Lash Flex with integrated HighCube extension. Accordingly, there was a great rush of visitors [...].

New product broschures

Attention color still fresh! For our latest product innovations, we have designed informative product brochures, which contain the most relevant information concentrated. So you will find details about our new saddle bags and double chamber - stowage pads, the clever lashing systems White and Pro Lash Flex and ingenious tools, such as also our edge protection angle with hold-up function. New product brochures at a glance: Double chamber [...]

New web presence

A good website is now part of the absolute basic equipment of every company. However, when we relaunched our website, we wanted to offer our customers a special experience. In addition to general information about products, we also wanted to make surfing fun. Therefore, special points were included in the specifications: Extensive description of the products (technical [...]

FachPack 2019 ÔÇô Visit us

Every year again - trade fair highlights at FachPack in Nuremberg. From 24-26.09.2019, one of the largest load securing trade fairs in the industry will take place again. G&H GmbH Rothschenk will of course be represented again with new innovations, clever solutions and proven products. Why not visit us for a technical discussion or to make new contacts for your network: Hall: 7A [...]

From dunnage bag to biogas-backpack - Africa steps on the gas!

Raw materials are in short supply in Africa. This is especially true for fuels. A former employee of G&H GmbH Rothschenk has taken on this problem and developed a simple and clever idea to counter this problem. G&H GmbH Rothschenk actually produces dunnage pads for securing loads. These are made of a plastic inlay and a robust fabric cover [...]

LogNet 2019 ÔÇô Exhibition Review

On February 19 and 20 LogNet invited numerous industries of the German Bundeswehr to a in-house exhibition. Whether purchase, supplies or car pool - from every command, decider, high-leveled grades and specialists were present to fetch up new ideas practically from brand leaders. Assocciated with technical lectures, [...]

LogiMat 2019 ÔÇô Exhibition Review

From 19 - 21-02.2019 one of the largest logistics trade fairs in the world had opened its doors - the LogiMat 2019. Exhibitors from all over the world presented everything around the topic of load securing and logistics applications. G&H GmbH Rothschenk has invested a lot of commitment in the design of a new exhibition stand. Especially the new LED wall with an area of more than 6 sqm have [...]

Champions League ÔÇô We won the treble!

On 25.01.2019 the time had come - G&H GmbH Rothschenk was allowed to receive the fruits of the hard work of the past weeks. Three awards were presented to the load securing company (dunnage, lashings...) in the Burkhardushaus in W├╝rzburg. Dr. Stefan M├╝ssig, who together with Mrs. Johanna Ott had led Rothschenk to the certification, led through the supporting program. [...]

Officially certificated - Rothschenk is one of the best!

We have worked on it for a long time, now it is official: G&H GmbH Rothschenk belongs to the best. We achieved a top ranking on the EcoVadis certification platform and were awarded the silver medal for our efforts. EcoVadis aims to guide companies through a predefined CSR process, thereby improving environmental and social practices and promoting sustainable procurement and corporate governance in [...]

Certificate - mouse door opener day

Certificate of participation Mouse Door Opener Day Aub. On 03.10.2018 Rothschenk had opened the doors for interested children and parents and entertained with an exciting supporting program. Now we have also received the official certificate of participation from the WDR. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the children, parents and helpers who made the festival what it is: A successful [...]

Christmas party 2018

Aub. Every year again (on 01.12.2018) the legendary Rothschenk Christmas party was held. The Rock family in Baldersheim outdid themselves with culinary delicacies and created a unique ambience in combination with the perfect location. In addition to a short review of the year by Torsten Urban, shareholder of G&H GmbH Rothschenk, who described the various employee events, trade fairs, jubilee and [...]

Dangerous goods days at IHK Augsburg

Augsburg. The Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce has issued invitations to the Dangerous Goods Days in Augsburg. Here, companies from the logistics sector can obtain information about the world of load securing. In addition, suppliers of load securing products, such as dunnage, lashing or e.g. anti-slip mats, have the opportunity to present themselves in a promotionally effective manner. As the industry leader, Rothschenk cannot be missing, of course, and will be present with [...]

Donation handover "Station Regenbogen"

Aub. According to Spiegel Online, around 1,800 children are diagnosed with cancer in Germany every year, with leukemia affecting around a third of them. The chances of recovery are comparatively high in Germany, but for the families it is a depriving and stressful time. Load securing expert G+H GmbH Rothschenk, based in Aub and a manufacturer of dunnage pads and lashings, takes [...]

Major fire (exercise) at Rothschenk!

Aub. On 10.10.2018 at 19.15 o'clock everything was different. A major fire at the plastics processing company (dunnage, lashings for load securing) Rothschenk in Aub triggered an operation of the local fire departments. For the employees who met at the assembly point, however, the all-clear was quickly given. It was a drill of the fire departments from Aub, [...]

Children happy from Mouse Day

On 03.10.2018 we had again organized a mouse day in cooperation with the WDR. The Rothschenk team came up with great games and attractions with a lot of commitment to convey the technical world of containers, dunnage and lashings in a child-friendly way. A total of 90 children, accompanied by their parents, were able to experience 7 stations in [...].

(R) Lashing Tec - The lashing revolution for soft packaging!

The problem: Soft packaging, such as palletized sacked goods or big bags, is difficult to secure for transport. The cargo can settle on the way from A to B or deform slightly. Possible consequence: the cross straps of conventional restraint systems sag or slide down quickly. This problem has long preoccupied our research department and now we have ...

We stay fit! First health day at Rothschenk

Joy of movement For the first time, we organized a health day on our company premises in Aub together with the AOK. The aim was to encourage our employees to enjoy exercise in order to maintain their health. A varied program from the areas of nutrition, exercise and relaxation offered incentives on how to keep fit in the daily work [...]

Load Securement with (R) Lashing Container

Cargo securing in overseas containers Our prefabricated restraint systems for container shipping significantly increase the safety of your transport and ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination without damage. They are used for rear load securing of e.g. drums, BigBags, IBCs or wooden crates in overseas containers (20, 40, 45 feet). Depending on the design, they are continuously adjustable in height. Rothschenk Container Lashings are [...]

LogiMAT 2018 in Stuttgart: trade fair review

LogiMAT: Expert presentations and live shows Large crowds at the new Rothschenk trade fair stand in Hall 9 Stand C75. Three eventful days are behind us. Besides the presentation of our standard dunnage families (R) Bag Red Line and (R) Bag ProLine, the fair visitors experienced our products live and in color in a 20 feet container. Detailed explanations about (R) Bag [...]

Become a distributor in France

Become our sales partner in France! Rothschenk has been developing and producing load securing systems since 1996. We offer our customers a unique range of products and services for the safe transport of goods by road, rail, air and water. To expand our international sales activities, we are looking for a partner who [...]

Product info: our (R) Drum Securement

Barrels are difficult to grip due to their shape, making handling cumbersome Cargo is at risk of tipping Barrels contain hazardous materials and heavy goods Barrels are becoming increasingly thin-walled The solution to these problems is offered by our With it, either one or two barrels can be transported. This drum securing system can be used with polyester strapping and composite strapping as a one-way system, and with reusable strapping as a reusable system. [...]

Mouse fans visit our load securement world!

On 3.10.2017, the seventh Maus "Door Opener Day" took place and Rothschenk was there for the first time. 90 children, accompanied by their parents, went through our 5 stations on the topic of load securing. In the sea container we showed them why and how to secure cargo. In the production hall, each mouse fan assembled his own stowage cushion and was allowed to paint it colorfully. After that [...]

(R) Bag Dunnage Bags become biogas backpacks

A simple idea makes life easier in developing countries During her agricultural engineering studies at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Katrin P├╝tz from the Westerwald region focused on the production of biogas. She worked on a technically simple solution to produce and transport biogas in order to make it marketable in developing countries. Her goal is to help people from [...]

FAQ: Frequently asked questions to Rothschenk!

[et_pb_section bb_built="1ÔÇ│ admin_label="section" _builder_version="3.0.47ÔÇ│][et_pb_row admin_label="row" _builder_version="3.0.48ÔÇ│ background_size="initial" background_position="top_left" background_repeat="repeat"][et_pb_column type="4_4ÔÇ│][et_pb_accordion _builder_version="3.15ÔÇ│ use_border_color="off"][et_pb_accordion_item title="1. Why must cargo be secured?" open="off" _builder_version="3.15ÔÇ│ title_text_shadow_horizontal_length="0em" title_text_shadow_vertical_length="0em" title_text_shadow_blur_strength="0em" body_text_shadow_horizontal_length="0em" body_text_shadow_vertical_length="0em" body_text_shadow_blur_strength="0em"] Proper load securing can save lives and increases the quality of your transportation performance. Braking and acceleration exert enormous forces on the load. Poorly secured goods start to slide and [...]

New: dunnage bag to stabilize the COIL core

The task: Develop a load securing product for central stabilization of the COIL core. Our answer: (R) Pro Line steel coil securing. The stowage pad developed by Rothschenk especially for coil securing is unique on the load securing market. It is manufactured to your specifications in desired diameter. The coated polypropylene tape fabric of the outer pad protects and stabilizes the inner pad made of polyethylene film. [...]

Great fair. The LogiMAT in Stuttgart!

Great atmosphere at the Rothschenk booth in Hall 9. Booth 9A80 at the 15th International Trade Fair for Distribution, Material and Information Flow was very well attended. A reunion with many customers and friends gave us three eventful days. It was fun and a pleasure. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors to our stand for the lively [...]

How to properly secure a steel barrel!

New at Rothschenk: (R) Lashing barrel securing (R) Lashing barrel securing is the Rothschenk securing solution for producing a transportable loading unit. This consists of a 200 liter steel beaded drum and a Euro pallet. The certified product can be used with polyester strapping and composite strapping as a one-way system and also with one-piece reusable strapping as a reusable system. See for yourself by checking out our (R) [...]

Missing lashing points? No problem for S.A.M.

S.A.M. is the abbreviation for "System of Anti-slip Material". This is a restraint system specially developed for temperature-controlled transports and adapted to reefer containers and box bodies. With this system, your cargo unit is simply firmly enclosed with two lateral (R) bags and two tarpaulins. The special feature: S.A.M. has an anti-slip coating on the two side [...]

We have big plans.

"Nothing in the history of life is more constant than change" (Charles Darwin) Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, the quote of the great naturalist, Charles Darwin, also finds its application in the everyday management of a company. This is also the case with us. Rothschenk has a lot planned for the coming year. We will become even more innovative and [...]

New at Rothschenk: (R) Special Y Cover

Awarded with the Prevention Prize 2015 of the Employer's Liability Insurance Association for Trade and Merchandise Logistics (BGHW)! Our (R) Special Y Cover tie-down tarpaulin ensures stable securing of soft packaging and other light building materials. Without the lashing strap pressing into the goods, the wide contact surface of (R) Special Y Cover avoids pressure points in easily deformable cargo goods. In the process, the unfolded [...]

Logimat Stuttgart 2016: Great response to S.A.M.

No respite for our trade fair team at this year's Logimat. Especially the Rothschenk stowage cushion S.A.M. aroused great interest and developed into the highlight of the booth in hall 6. S.A.M. is a restraint system developed by Rothschenk especially for temperature-controlled transports and adapted to reefer containers and box bodies. The system is used whenever smooth walls and missing [...]

Fachpack Nuremberg: Special moments, RED LINE, record!

Rothschenk has been a regular exhibitor at FACHPACK in Nuremberg for more than a decade. This year, too, the European trade fair for packaging, technology, finishing and logistics was able to meet everyone's expectations properly. If not even exceed them: more than 43,000 trade visitors flocked to the stands of the 1,565 exhibitors, a record! But this was not the only reason why the days in Nuremberg were [...]

Rothschenk 2.0: New owners and old friends

After a long successful entrepreneurial career at the helm of one of the pioneers of the load securing industry, Gisela Rothschenk sold her shares in the business at the end of July 2015 and transferred the management to her employees Thomas Lorenz and Peter Hegemann. The new management structure of the hitherto family-run company is complemented by Helmut Elze and Torsten Urban. Both bring decades of commercial experience [...]

From now on at Rothschenk: Drumguard® Quattro!

Drumguard® Quattro essentially consists of a square metal element and a special screw. This allows four drums on a standard CP3 or CP9 pallet to be connected to form a certified secure loading unit. But Drumguard® Quattro not only connects drums on pallets to form a secure unit. The product also succeeds in combining the important aspects [...]

Full house: trade fair review Logimat Stuttgart!

A big crowd at the Rothschenk booth in Hall 6. Booth 6B67 was very well attended, three eventful, extremely entertaining days are behind us. It was fun and a pleasure. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors to our stand for their keen interest in our products and the expert discussions. You and your Rothschenk team.    

Already lashed today? (R) Lashing REVOLUTION!

The long-awaited quick-release fastener for securing cargo to the rear in your container. The new (R) Lashing Revolution stands for so much everyday use, for so much load securement with a system, for so much Rothschenk, as perhaps none of our products before. The new (R) lashing revolution: saves time. Saves energy. Saves money.

[R] TruckLash - Application

[R] TruckLash was developed by Rothschenk to achieve an optimal axle load distribution when loading on a truck. Due to the certified design, double-deck loading is possible, which is achieved by head or bay lashing in both directions. Another goal already during development was to increase the secured payload. This enabled customers to [...]

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