Safety first! Driving safety training at the ADAC

Safety first! Driving safety training at the ADAC

Aub. 23.09.2022

Rothschenk stands for safety. As a manufacturer of load restraints, we work every day to make traffic routes safer. But this does not end with our responsibility as a producer. Every day, our sales representatives are on the road to customers or our employees on their way to training courses or simply on their way to the workplace.

In 2021, 2,314,938 traffic accidents were recorded by the police. Of these, 258,987 involved personal injuries (source: Federal Statistical Office). We want to make a contribution to reducing this value wherever possible. In addition, the health of our employees is of course important to us. That's why Rothschenk sponsors annual driving safety training courses for employees who are also on the road at work.

On 23.09.2022, Rothschenk employees met for this purpose with the company's own vehicles in Schlüsselfeld at the Driving safety area of the ADAC. During "Intensive" level driving safety training, the driving dynamics of the vehicles were tested at higher speeds than usual for the entry-level variant. Braking distances were analyzed and the driving behavior of the different vehicles was compared on rutted surfaces, different skid surfaces and alternating road conditions (dry/wet/aquaplaning).

Braking distances can be calculated mathematically. However, "experiencing" physics in practice was also an interesting training course for experienced drivers of many years' standing. Last but not least, proper load securing is of course an absolute "must" for car drivers.

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