District Administrator Thomas Eberth visits Rothschenk!

District Administrator Thomas Eberth visits Rothschenk!

19.05.2022 - High-ranking visitor at Rothschenk

Four strong partners met in Aub on 19.5.2022. District Administrator Thomas Eberth (W├╝rzburg District), Rico Neubert (Head of Staff Department, W├╝rzburg District Office) and Mayor Roman Menth (City of Aub) got a personal impression of the sustainability commitment of the Lower Franconian load securing manufacturer during an on-site appointment at Rothschenk.

As a participant in the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact, Rothschenk's claim is to establish environmental protection measures as leaders in the load securing industry as well. Measures such as EMAS, EMASplus and EcoVadis certification are an expression of this practiced company philosophy.

The district administrator became aware of Rothschenk through the exceptionally high level of commitment of the medium-sized manufacturer. Directly in the production halls for the lashing restraint systems, topics such as medium-sized businesses, sustainability, new products and the location Aub were discussed.

During a short company presentation, the various fields of activity and measures that make Rothschenk a pioneer in environmental protection in the region were touched upon. For example, Rothschenk is a founding member of the DIHK's corporate network for climate protection and a participant in the regional initiative Kooperative Kunststoffkreisl├Ąufe Mainfranken (Cooperative Plastic Cycles Mainfranken) of the Institute for Applied Logstics (IAL, FHWS W├╝rzburg) and Region Mainfranken GmbH.

As a special highlight, District Administrator Thomas Eberth, together with Mayor Roman Menth (City of Aub), presented the certificate for participation in the Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact. This honor was gladly accepted by J├╝rgen Schulte-Wieking (shareholder of G&H GmbH Rothschenk) and Johanna Ott (Sustainability and Quality Officer and Project Manager Integrated Management).

A short tour of the production halls for lashing systems and the production of dunnage pads rounded off the information part of the evening. During a relaxed brunch, the evening slowly came to an end with topics such as the new construction of the Rothschenks logistics center and the importance of the company as an employer in the region.

We thank the District Administrator Thomas Eberth, Mr. Neubert and our Mayor Roman Menth very much for their interest. An occasion for another visit will then probably be the inauguration of the finished logistics center.

More information on the Bavarian Environment and Climate Pact can be found at here.

Information about the W├╝rzburg District Office can be found at here.

You can find information about the city of Aub here.

You can find the press article of the district W├╝rzburg here.

Meeting of our team about the topic of sustainability

Contact person
at Rothschenk:

Johanna Ott

Sustainability and Quality Manager

Project Director Integrated Management

Mail: johanna.ott(at)rothschenk.de

Telephone: +49 9335-971547

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