What do Madagascar and Aub have in common?

What do Madagascar and Aub have in common?

AUB. 22.03.2021

Corona is shutting down everything? This is true in many areas, but when it comes to social engagement, the children of the Baldersheim Children's Church did not want to accept that so easily. That is why you supported the Solibrot campaign by Misereor to support the poorest in the world.

The children decided to shoot a video, in which they presented the Solibrot campaign in a funny way. (Here you can see the video: www.pg-aub-gelchsheim.de).

For the participating children, the Solibrot campaign is training for life. They experience first-hand that they can make a contribution to enabling disadvantaged people to lead a better life.

This year the campaign supports the construction of elementary schools in Madagascar. There, village communities set up schools on their own. The project promotes village development and fights against educational poverty and economic hardship.

The Rothschenk company is happy to support the campaign with a donation of ‚ā¨ 500. In total, almost 200 loaves of bread were sold as a result of the children's campaign.

Conclusion: Despite the pandemic, life also offers many positive experiences, you just have to see them and accept them.

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