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Many months of development and programming go into your machines. A high weight and individual dimensions pose special challenges for shippers.

Last but not least, safe transport is a prerequisite for reliable delivery to the end customer.

With over 25 years of experience, we know what really matters.

Common products for machine parts load securing

Load securement knowledge for your industry

Load securement knowledge for your industry

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Experience shows that load securing for machine parts, assemblies or entire machines has very different requirements. Thus, an inbox solution in a metal transport box (so-called stacking containers) can be used, as well as the shipment of prefabricated machine parts by container or truck. Depending on the requirement profile, we can offer our customers professional aids for reliable load securing.

[R] White Lash

Our high-strength [R] White Lash Polyester webbing is a cost-effective alternative to ready-made lashing restraint systems. Often, disposable webbing is also the first choice, as individually manufactured machines do not have predefined, recurring lashing points. This allows flexible adjustment during loading at any time, the webbing is simply cut to the required length using Combination Shear cut to length.

The low elongation of the webbing ensures high dimensional stability and is also very tear-resistant under load. Besides a AAR-Certified (Association of american railroads) by the freight railroads industry association of North America, the plastic belts are safe, stable even in wet and rainy conditions and often replace the common steel belts.

With our Economy sets take advantage of an extremely high price advantage as well as the professional quality of our products. These are each available as bagged goods (250m/bag) and matching belt buckle for closing. Optionally, the set includes a ratchet tensioner, or a Reel Tightener included for closing the webbing straps.

Freely selectable lashing points in the container?

In most cases, the lashing points, i.e. the eyes of a container, are not in the place where the loader would like them to be. As a result, the lashing angles of the straps are sometimes unfavorable in relation to the load, and in the worst case ineffective. Rothschenk has developed the flexible lashing point for this problem. A prefabricated strap with securing hooks is hooked into the existing container eyelets on the floor (and optionally also the ceiling).

A flexible additional strap can then be looped onto this horizontal strap. As a result, the position of the lashing point thus created can be determined with centimeter precision and the personnel at the loading ramp have maximum flexibility. We would be happy to explain this extraordinary system to you in more detail.

Big Gaps - No Problem

The CTU Code and VDI2700a define the balanced weight distribution in container or truck transport. Since machines have a high dead weight, the cargo space is often not fully filled. However, in order to be able to load the components and machines in a form-fit manner, robust and at the same time pressure-stable load securing equipment must be used.

Here, we as a manufacturer of dunnage bags offer you many possibilities. In addition to more classic stowage cushions such as our [R] Red Line, 3D designs are also possible. Due to their cubic design, the dunnage pads are thus more form-fitting, as these bring with them a larger contact surface on the goods. 3D cushions are suitable for stowage gaps over 40 cm. Below that, simply use our [R] White, Red or the professional Pro Line cushions.

Special designs such as an X-Bag or our new [R] Dually-Bag make it possible to reliably secure even long goods and fill large gaps. Our more than 25 years of experience as a producer, guarantees a high pressure and form stability over the entire transport route.

Small mat - big effect

The material pairing between the load unit and the means of transport, i.e. e.g. wooden Euro pallet and truck loading area, determines the Friction value of a loading situation is not insignificant. If smooth surfaces meet, they are more likely to slip against each other than rough, interlocking surfaces. Anti-slip agents are therefore a simple, inexpensive and equally effective means. These can be made of paper (Anti-slip paper) or rubber and are comparatively inexpensive.

By increasing the frictional force, the shipper can significantly reduce the number of lashings used. However, it is important to ensure correct positioning and the number of Anti-slip mats to pay attention. You can find valuable tips on this point in our LaSi blog: How does an anti-slip mat work?

Heavy cargo + wooden boxes = Red Lash

Heavy machines or components in wooden boxes need special protection. With our high quality [R] Red Lash, you are on the safe side.

And if you want it to be even more professional, [R] Pro Lash is the premier class of Load Securement. We are also happy to manufacture individually.

Turn. Understand.

Require any number of lashing points in your container?

Our clever lashing point extensions enables you to independently stow from the predefined lashing points. Through the module-based construction, there are no limits......

Perfect for the fixation of entire engines in the container shipping.

[R] White Lash - the inexpensive entrance.

One lashing for many applications. That was the declared goal when we developed our [R] White Lash. Admittedly, it is not suitable for all loading situations.

But exceptionally flexible and customizable that it consists of individual components.

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We understand our customers, because the special challenges of load securing for the mechanical engineering industry are manifold:

The particular challenges of load securing for mechanical engineering companies lie in the size, weight and shape of the machines. These are often heavy and bulky goods that are exposed to particular stresses during transport. Load securing must therefore ensure that the machines do not slip, tip over or become damaged during transport.

There are various load securing devices that can be used for container shipping of machinery:

- Straps can be used to fix the machines in the container. These are placed around the machine and fastened to the eyelets of the container to prevent slipping.

- Anti-slip mats or anti-slip coatings can be placed on the floor of the container to prevent the machines from slipping.

- Padding materials such as dunnage bags or stowage pads can be used to protect sensitive parts of the machines from damage.

In the case of particularly heavy machines, special lifting and transport systems can be used to bring the machines safely into the container and fix them there.

It is important that the load securing equipment meets the specific requirements of the machines and complies with the regulations and guidelines for container transport. Proper load securing is crucial to prevent damage to the machines and accidents during transport. Aspects such as correct weight distribution also play a major role here. We will be happy to advise you on this.

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