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Heavy cargo + wooden boxes = Red Lash

Heavy machines or components in wooden boxes need special protection. With our high quality [R] Red Lash, you are on the safe side.

And if you want it to be even more professional, [R] Pro Lash is the premier class of Load Securement. We are also happy to manufacture individually.

Turn. Understand.

Require any number of lashing points in your container?

Our clever lashing point extensions enables you to independently stow from the predefined lashing points. Through the module-based construction, there are no limits......

Somit ideal für die Fixierung von ganzen Maschinen im Containerversand.

[R] White Lash - the inexpensive entrance.

A lashing for many purposes. That was the defined goal for the development of our (R) White Lash). Admittedly, it isn't suitable for every loading situation. Nevertheless, it's extraordinarily flexible and adjustable because it's made of single components.

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Dunnage bag - Filling Equipment Mobile Battery Pack

Do not search. Find them. We have created attractive mobile battery blower sets with the most important components of modern load securing. On the one hand always compatible with our stowage pads and on the other hand individually expandable. E.g. with our practical storage case systems. Application of mobile battery blower sets: Mobile battery blowers for dunnage pads combine the best of two worlds: Professional tools for load securing and an excellent price-performance ratio. [...]

Lashing – Red Lash

Millionfold proven container lashing systems with attractive price-performance ratio characterize our Red Lash series. Easy handling, favorable price and still no compromises in safety. These points were at the top of the specification list during development. Application of Red Lash Lashing: The goal of our Red Lash Container Lashing Systems is to provide our customers with proven restraint systems [...]

Anti-slip mats

The anti-slip mat is recommended as a cost-effective and also comparatively very efficient aid for securing loads in containers and truck shipping. Application of anti-slip mat: Anti-slip rubber is recommended as a cost-effective and also comparatively very efficient aid for securing loads in containers and truck shipping. The rubber significantly reduces the coefficient of friction between the load and the pallet or container floor [...].

Lashing – White Lash

(R) White Lash is a lashing strap for load securement and is always used when light goods are to be shipped or secured at low cost. E.g. by the combination of bagged goods and edge protection angles with special cut-outs you do not have to do without security. Application of White Lash Lashing: Rothschenk White Lash is the entry into the world [...]

Lashing - Tool Battery Tensioner

A battery tensioner is like a conventional reel tensioner, a strap tensioner. However, this is an automated variant. Due to the mobile battery operation, you do not limit the handling, but facilitate the tedious tensioning by hand. Application of battery tensioners: A battery tensioner facilitates the work on the ramp enormously. Similar in operation to a reel tensioner, it is [...]

Dunnage bags – Bag Double-Chambered

Particularly large accumulation gaps cannot be filled with individual accumulation pads, as these would work their way out over time. That is why the Rothschenk experts have developed a stowage pad for large stowage gaps. Our Bag Double Chamber prevents slippage and can also be filled centrally. Application of stowage cushion double chamber: Larger stowage gaps can occur in both directions of travel, transversely and longitudinally. [...]

Dunnage bag – Bag Pro Line

Premium is your claim? Our dunnage is also premium. Both materials and construction make our (R) Pro Line dunnage bags the first choice for securing loads of high-value goods. Application of Pro Line dunnage: Bag ProLine are our robust dunnage bags for filling cavities and gaps within the transport and or loading unit. Thanks to the higher material thickness [...]

Lashing - Tool Hooks

Every load securing device has a hook - but it should be the right one for your lashing. That's why we have a considerable selection of shapes and widths to suit your loading situation. Use of hooks: Load securing has a hook. At least, if you don't use a dunnage. We use only high-strength steel hooks for our restraint systems. This is necessary because [...]

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