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When high weights meet acceleration forces, it quickly becomes clear that good load securing is important.
Otherwise, accidents or damage to the goods are inevitable, especially in road traffic.

The Rothschenk development department has developed special load securing equipment for this purpose, which on the one hand makes your everyday loading work easier,
but also meet the legal obligations of a VDI 2700.

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When transporting metal goods of all kinds, the determining factor for load securing is the high load weight. In addition, it often involves large quantities of individual profiles or shapes that are difficult to secure, such as a round steel coil. This means that the loading master is faced with special challenges, which he must meet legally as the person responsible.

Flat steel manufacturer watch out!

Due to its high dead weight, a steel coil can warp during the cooling phase after production, i.e. the hollow core in the center deforms oval. To prevent this, many steel producers already rely on our round [R] steel coil cushion. This is individually manufactured to the required dimension of the core diameter of a steel coil. We use several inner and outer layers to ensure the high internal pressure required as counterpressure to the steel weight.

To ensure a long service life, we install our highest-quality valve variant (BIG valve). This makes the coil pad suitable for continuous use over many years. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer. Just talk to us about it

How do you actually transport metal profiles?

Loose profiles can be a real challenge to load in a form-fit manner in the interests of good load securing. Metal racks are used for this purpose, into which the profiles are inserted. However, the weak points are usually the end faces of the racks, as these are usually open. This means that securing in the direction of travel is rarely possible. For the internal factory traffic and also the transport on the truck, we have therefore developed a frame tarpaulin which solves exactly this problem. The [R] frame tarpaulin encloses the metal profiles on the front side and thus forms a kind of "end wall" to prevent displacement, e.g. during emergency braking.

For your safety, our rack tarpaulin has been tested by EUROSAFE tested and certified (certificate 2018_06_004). We are happy to give you more information about the test conditions and possible specifications.

The perfect team

In order to bundle loose metal profiles, mostly steel, or Composite tapes for use. As a full-range supplier for load securing, we naturally also have a large selection of composite straps in our range. Depending on the nature of the goods (weight, size, material...) there are different strap widths and strap types (e.g. also woven strapping) to choose from. Factors such as environmental influences, i.e. if the goods are stored outdoors, for example, must also be taken into account.

A Roll-off trolley makes daily work just as easy as the newly developed [R] strapping tensioner ST25e from Rothschenk. This battery-powered reel tensioner has a Bosch drive unit and is therefore compatible with identical Bosch battery-powered devices. The front-mounted tensioning unit makes it easier for the user to apply the manual forces required to pre-tension the straps. The belt is simply placed in the unit's tensioning roller and automatically tensioned to a preselected torque. The selectable torque levels mean that this value can be repeated at any time. As a further special feature, we have combined the battery-powered tensioner with a cutting unit so that the composite strap is cut off fully automatically after the tensioning process.

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Securing steel coils from deformation?

Immediately after the production of a steel coil, it must be protected from warping. Therefore, Rothschenk developed special Dunnage Bags developed.

It is manufactured cylindrical and due to his multi-way valve permanently usable.

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Securing metal profiles in a rack?

No problem with our rack tarp. Both easy to use and ideal for factory traffic or shipping.

Adapting to your individual circumstances on site is a self-evidence.

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Metal products / Cargo securement / Container

Anti-slip mats increase the fricton of the pallet/goods to the base. As a result, the value reduces which must be reached by additional systems like lashings.

Simply but effectively secure metal products...

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How does a professional apply Lashing ? Which dunnage bag goes into which stowage gap? Our videos show you ...
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We understand our customers, because the special challenges of load securing for the metal industry are manifold:

The particular challenges of load securing for metal manufacturers are the heaviness and irregularity of the load, as well as the risk of damage from vibration and impact during transportation. Metal products can often have sharp edges, pointed corners or uneven surfaces that pose an additional hazard.

To overcome these challenges, there are several load securing tools that metal fabricators can use:

Lashing straps: Lashing straps are strong, tear-resistant straps that are placed and tensioned around cargo to hold it in place. They are often used to secure metal parts on pallets or in containers.

Anti-slip mats: Anti-slip mats are placed under the load to prevent slippage during transport. They provide additional friction and stability.

Edge protection: Edge protectors or pads are placed on the sharp edges or corners of the metal parts to prevent damage to the cargo or other goods being transported.

Tension rods: Tie rods are placed between the walls of the transport vehicle or between the parts of the load to stabilize the load and prevent it from sliding.

Stretch Film: Stretch film is wrapped around the cargo to hold it together and protect it from external influences. It is often used for smaller metal parts or pallets.

Jam Bags: Also called dunnage, these are used to protect sensitive metal parts from shock and vibration. They are blown into gaps or placed between the goods.

It is important to select the correct load securing equipment according to the type and size of the metal parts as well as the transport conditions to ensure a safe and undamaged delivery.

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