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The transport of beverages is very demanding due to the different types of packaging and transport routes.
The physical and legal aspects differ significantly, especially with different shipping methods.
Can dunnage bag be used on the truck? How do I secure cargo in the container so that even when it is opened a Fall-out protection is given?
We give you the right answers.

Especially for optimized load distribution on the truck and in the container we have developed our [R] Dually Bag.

Due to its special design, it can reliably and positively fill large accumulation gaps between the goods.

In addition, the [R] Dually Bag has two interconnected dunnage bags.

This prevents them from working each other out, as would be the case with two individual dunnage pads.

We explain more about this in our technical article.

Common products for beverage load securing

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The beverage industry delivers worldwide. This means that transport routes are also used intermodally, i.e. in combination. The loaded container is driven from the manufacturer to the port by truck, shipped to the destination country by container ship and finally reaches its destination by rail or truck. In the process, the goods are exposed to many acceleration forces and temperature differences, which must already be taken into account during loading.

Minimize risks

Time and cost pressures are set against factors such as sustainability, efficiency and user safety. We try to meet the since 25 years We usually work together with the customer to develop the best loading scheme for him.

Through our own test facilities for our Lashing and dunnage bag products, we ensure that our "Made in Germany" also delivers what it promises. Our production site here in Germany also enables us to develop new load securing equipment together with our customers.

We accompany our customers through lifting, tilting, bursting and travel tests right up to the finished, externally certified product. Our customers thus receive Load securement toolswhich maximally minimize existing risks during the transport of your beverages.

Different transport carriers - different requirements

Whereas short-term but very high G-forces tend to occur during rail transport (e.g. when coupling the individual wagons), recurring, uniform G-forces are more likely to occur during transport by sea. Acceleration forces.

During rolling or pitching, i.e. during the rolling motions of a ship, e.g. in heavy seas, G-forces of up to 1.8g are at work. Compared to up to 4g for freight transport, this seems little. However, the forces act on the goods over a very long time. Reliable cargo securing with Form fit and high-quality components is therefore a must here.

load distribution

For both truck and container transport, correct load distribution on the load carrier is a safety-relevant aspect. By distributing the goods evenly over the surface, the risks due to tipping are significantly reduced. Not least due to VDI 2700 and CTU Code, these are even strictly regulated by law.

Our 3D Dunange bag - and brand new our Dually-Bag - have been specially developed to fill large stowage gaps with maximum safety. In combination with our container lashing systems or our innovative truck lash, we ensure the highest load securing standards. Entirely in the interest of our customers.

Looking for a special solution?

Maximum variable lashing wanted?

You have absolute freedom on the ramp with our [R] Pro Lash Flex.

Depending on the loading situation, you can construct a two-part, three-part or four-part lashing and mount it most conveniently thanks to the elastic band.

[R] Pro Lash Flex: Discover the new freedom!

New at Rothschenk: [R] White Lash

Do you want the load securement for your beverage transport to be cheap and reliable at the same time? Look no further. Our clever combination of webbing as bagged goods and edge protectors made of cardboard are the solution.

The lashings are kept on their horizontal position by an innovative milling.
Just clever.

What? You don't know that?

[R] Stowage pads S.A.M - should know. Two stowage pads cleverly combined into a saddle bag, are placed over the goods and inflated.
A special coating on the stowage pads prevents slippage along the container walls.
Load securing without lashing points. You have to experience this...

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We understand our customers, because the special challenges of load securing for the beverage industry are manifold:

Weight and volume: Beverages, especially bottles or cans, can be difficult to secure due to their weight and volume. The load securing systems must be able to handle the weight and volume of the beverages and ensure that they do not slip or tip over during transport.

Risk of breakage: Beverage bottles or cans are often fragile and can easily break or be damaged. Load securing systems must be designed to protect the beverages from impact, vibration or other effects and minimize the risk of breakage.

Stackability: Beverages are often stacked in pallets to facilitate transport and storage. The load securing systems must ensure that the pallets are stable and securely stacked to prevent the beverages from tipping over or falling down.

Temperature control: Some beverages, such as fresh juices or dairy products, require a controlled temperature during transport. Cargo securing systems must be able to maintain the temperature and ensure that the beverages do not overheat or freeze.

Hygiene requirements: The beverage industry is subject to strict hygiene regulations. Load securing systems must be hygienic and easy to clean to ensure compliance.

Efficiency and speed: The beverage industry often works with just-in-time deliveries, where the beverages have to be in the right place at exactly the right time. Load securing systems must be efficient and quick to handle to enable on-time delivery.

Return of empties: In the beverage industry, there is often a return system for empties, such as bottles or crates. The load securing systems must be designed to facilitate the return of the empties and ensure the transport of empty containers.

These challenges require special load securing solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of the beverage industry.

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