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IBC load securing for the safe transport of liquids in IBCs

Intermediate Bulk Containers, or IBCs for short, are generally used to transport liquid substances. It makes no difference whether you are transporting aggressive chemicals or liquid foodstuffs in them: In any case, each individual IBC must be secured in such a way that no damage occurs and your goods arrive safely at their destination.

IBC load securing from Rothschenk: efficient, safe and economical

Depending on the weight of the load to be secured, various lashing systems are suitable for transporting IBCs in single or double stack. The particularly inexpensive [R] White Lash is a lashing strap for light goods and is therefore ideally suited for the (return) transport of empty IBCs. The lashing strap is cut to the required length directly during the loading process and, in combination with belt buckles and edge protectors made of cardboard, ensures fast, secure and particularly inexpensive load securing.

[R] Red Lash and [R] Pro Lash Flex are prefabricated and reusable lashing systems that meet high to the highest load securing requirements. Like all our lashing solutions, they are certified by the T√úV Rheinland Academy, CTU Code-compliant for many loadings, and impress with their simple, intuitive handling.

To complement our lashing systems, we also develop and manufacture dunnage, e.g. the DEKRA-certified [R] White Line or the [R] Red Line with freely accessible valve position, which complies with the US AAR guidelines. For maximum requirements, we also offer the [R] Pro Line dunnage bags, which we can also customize and tailor exactly to your transport needs if you wish. All our dunnage bags are available in many formats and sizes.

Securing without lashing points: [R] Pro Line S.A.M.

The lashing points are crucial for reliable load securing in the container. In order to compensate for the forces that occur during transport, they must be in the right positions and have sufficient load-bearing capacity, which is not guaranteed for every container. The innovative restraint system developed by Rothschenk with two external stowage pads has a special anti-slip coating that enables a restraint force of up to 10,000 daN - and that without lashing points. It is available as standard in a block of 5 as a single or double deck variant. However, we can also realize individual formats and sizes upon customer request.

Maximum safety for heavy goods

The new [R] Pro Lash Flex allows IBC lashing with 4 lashing points and also convinces in handling with clever features and high flexibility. An integrated rubber facilitates lashing, and the modular design with 2, 3 or 4 cross straps allows quick and easy adaptation to any loading situation. Another advantage of this form of IBC load securing is that the load is secured at the rear, which provides additional safety when opening the container.

If you have any questions about IBC load securing or our solutions and would like expert advice, we look forward to hearing from you. Simply send us an e-mail at info@rothschenk.de or use our contact form - or pick up the phone to speak directly with one of our experienced customer advisors. You can rely on us: We'll take care of your question until you're satisfied and find a solution for every load securing challenge.

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Securing Chemical Products - A drawing of a container loaded with IBCs secured with an oversized stowage pad, cardboard edge protectors and webbing.


Square. Safe. Good.

You want to transport liquids in IBCs? Our new [R] Red Lash is cost-efficient - in every aspect.

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The round must go into the square? Whether Barrel Securement on a pallet or in a network in a container, our restraint systems have been tried and tested a million times.

Single tier High wooden crates, 2s lashing Rothschenk individual solutions


Load securement. The entire pallet.

The classic in load securement - correspondingly high is our experience and the number of perfect fitting solutions for it.

Drawing of a 20 feet container loaded with 20 big bags Rothschenk

Soft packaging

Hard shell. Soft core.

You are not familiar with our [R] Lashing Tec, yet? Then it's about time to revolutionize your loading situation together.

Container test

Individual solutions

Analysis. Development. Roll out.

You need a special solution? As a manufacturer, you get technically sophisticated and outstanding solutions first-hand from us.

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