Dunnage Bag – Bag S.A.M.

Dunnage Bag – Bag S.A.M.


Exclusively developed by Rothschenk and THE innovation on the market. (R) Pro Line S.A.M. is a restraint system with an externally mounted Dunnage Bags. The special highlight is the special anti-slip coating, which enables a retention force of up to 10,000 daN - without lashing points!

S.A.M. stands for "System of anti-slip material". The restraint system, specially developed for temperature-controlled transports and tailored to standard freight containers, reefer containers and fixed vehicle superstructures, is always used when smooth walls and missing lashing points make the Load Securement more difficult. Your loading unit is firmly enclosed with two side (R) bags and two tarpaulins. S.A.M. has an anti-slip coating on the two side (R) bags.

Admittedly, we are a bit proud of our S.A.M. because he easily solves a fundamental problem in the container. Missing lashing points.

With our S.A.M. you have maximum freedom, regardless of whether you want to secure a reefer container or haven't got any lashing points in your 20` High Cube Container. Suitable for an application as a block of 5, we have S.A.M. standardly with a height of both 1,000 mm and 2,100 mm in our assortment.

Our S.A.M. is standardly available for applications in a block of 5 as a one- or two-level variety. If required by the costumer, we manufacture all kinds of variations in format and size at our site in Germany.

All varieties are provided with our extraordinary anti-slip lamination which bestow S.A.M. with its special skills. When can we spark you?

  • certificated by TÜV Rheinland Akademie
  • certificated by AAR for loads until 20 tons
  • no lashing equipment, lashing rails, Lashing Straps or lashing eyes required
  • fast and easy application
  • also applicable for temperature-controlled transports
  • individually adaptable, depending on the customers demand
  • rapid filling thanks to Rothschenk filling systems


  • External bag
    • PP (Polypropylene) woven tape fabric, laminated
  • Internal Bag
    • PE (Polyethylene) foil
  • Valve
    • TURBO (flexible, self closing one-way hose valve)
  • Filling:
    • with filling adapter (stationary connection or mobile battery blower)
  • Environmental advice: mutual disposal of PP and PE, fully recyclable, unproblematic in case of burning
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