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Ladungssicherung Autoteile

Ladungssicherung – maßgeschneidert für jede Branche

Every industry, every manufacturer and every branch of industry has its own individual requirements when it comes to transporting goods.

Thus are Soft packaging to be secured differently due to their instability than, e.g. Mechanical engineering parts where the focus is rather on the high weight and its weight distribution on the carrier.

That is why at Rothschenk you will never simply be offered a standard solution, but a load securing system that is individually tailored to your needs.

How do we go about it?


Usually one of our Field Service Representative contact you and analyze your loading situation together with you.

  • How has been shipped so far?
  • What can be further optimized?
  • Are there more efficient or less expensive alternatives?
  • What modes of transport are used and what different loads occur during transport?

Especially in the case of intermodal transport (at least two transport routes) where e.g. TRUCK, Rail and sea are combined with each other, there are clearly different accelerations.

For example, in contrast to a truck, accelerations on a container ship occur in three planes and cannot be influenced by humans.

On the other hand, abrupt accelerations are more likely to occur on the rail track, e.g. when docking a freight car. Here, forces of up to 4G can arise when shunting over the hump, and it is also not certain in which direction the coupling will take place. As a result, securing is required in both directions of travel.

You see: Advice is important. Experience is priceless.

Loading scheme

Our personal certified trainer & consulter will prepare and discuss with you an individual loading scheme.

Often it is a combination of several LaSi products.

Die gängisten Verladeschemas finden Sie als Service zum Download here. Ob IBC, Fass oder Weichverpackung, hier finden Sie konkrete Beispiele mit entsprechenden Zeichnungen.


You will find: With excellent advice, we don't just stop. As one of the few Manufacturer of load securing equipment with its own production site in Germany, you benefit from several factors at once:

Short distances: Rothschenk can deliver within the shortest possible time and also react quickly to individual requirements. We do not have long routes to China and are not dependent on external producers.

Large warehouse: Thanks to our new Logistics Center we have a storage area of over 6,000 sqm available and can ensure a supply even in times of crisis.

Good prices: As a Load securmenet manufacturer, we do not have an intermediary trade that makes prices even more expensive.

Curious now? Just ask without obligation and free of charge...

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