Load securement according to industry


Automotive Industry

Loading Securement that moves

The safe transportation of very expensive goods especially in the automotive industry is challenging.
We cooperate with numerous international automobile manufacturers.

This know how will move you too.

Beverage Industry

Flexible solutions for the beverage industry.

Transporting food products has its own rules. For transporting beverages special product and packaging forms are needed.

Our load securement systems were developed to handle the daily routine at the loading docks efficiently and reliably.

Chemical Industry

The perfect mix of quality and consulting.

Errors in the chemical industry are not acceptable. For us that starts in the production. We produce "Made in Germany" in a therefor specially build and certified clean room with the highest regulations.

We guarantee you measurable professionalism.

Construction Industry

We build loading securement. And you?

Securing heavy loads fast and reliable, that is your task - on a daily basis. Our task is to make sure, this comes easy to you. whether it is light insulating material or heavy construction material - we have the solution.

Certificated, effective, affordable - Rothschenk.

Engineering Industry

Load securement for the engineering industry

Heavy weights and hard materials pose great challenges for both humans and machines.
Our load security guarantees you the safe feeling to have everything under control.

Strong load security for every field of application.

Metal Industry

Load securement for the metal industry

Complex constructions, often years of planing to the final implemantation. We understand that you care strongly for your products.

That's why we develop upon request individual loading securities in an exact fitting manner for your machines. Promised.

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