Construction of the new logistics center in full swing ...

Construction of the new logistics center in full swing ...

Rothschenk is growing. The product range in Load Securement has been steadily expanded and new business areas have been developed. Due to the increased demand from commercial and now also private customers, the demands on logistics have also increased significantly.

With [R] SHOP24 and CoverMio, two new online stores have also been added in the last two years.

After the purchase of the neighboring property (opposite Rothschenk, with three existing halls) in 2021, planning for the construction of a new logistics center also began immediately. The planning phase has now been completed and construction has been in full swing since December 2021.

Rothschenk's new logistics center covers a site area of approx. 6,000 sqm, the new hall has an area of 1,064 sqm and is modularly expandable. This makes it relatively easy to make adjustments in the future.

Thanks to the new infrastructure with three additional loading ramps and generous space, the routes and processes can be made much leaner. Ultimately, this benefits the customer - because he will receive his goods even faster than he is already used to.

You can constantly follow the progress of construction in this post.

Construction progress


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