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Whether certified lashing restraint system or, for example, our AAR-certified Red Line Dunnage Bags - with us you get load securing at the highest level.
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Containers are often moved in combined transport, i.e. they have different transport carriers such as rail, truck and ship until they arrive at their destination. The acceleration forces that occur here are very different. In the case of a rolling or pitching ship on the high seas, other G-forces occur than in the case of an aprupt coupling of two freight wagons. Our load securing systems "Made in Germany" meet all these requirements in equal measure.

Lashing container restraint systems

The load units (e.g. Euro pallets, IBCs or skeleton containers) are always placed against the end wall in a container to achieve a maximum tight fit. After loading, there is always some space left to the container door. According to the CTU Code, this is even a requirement in order to prevent the container doors from being unloaded and thus to avoid the risk of injury to the unloader. To ensure this, a Lashing restraint system is used. Straps are hooked into the container eyelets by means of sewn-on hooks and closed in front of the goods by means of strap buckles.

Rothschenk offers different lashing systems depending on the requirements profile (type of loading units, weight, size, loading method...). From Webbing as bagged goods for a simple individual cutting of the length on site, over proven, pre-sewn and immediately usable systems up to idividual productions we offer a wide range of possibilities.

Soft packing? Then [R] Lashing Tec

Different conditions apply to soft packaging than to stable load units such as IBCs or drums. The goods are mobile in themselves, so that, among other things, slipping down of the straps must be ensured. With the [R] Lash Tec we have created a real innovation here, because incorporated rubber bands prevent exactly this effect. We explain the exact mode of operation in our Blog.

A slightly modified version of the lashing system just described is our [R] Lash Flex. Here, the rubber bands on the webbing were sewn in vertically, i.e. between the container floor and the ceiling. This simplifies loading enormously. Whereas in conventional restraint systems the webbing belts are partially lying on the floor (because they are still without tension), the rubber belts keep them under tension. As a result, the forklift driver does not get caught on them, get them dirty or damage them.

Form-fitting filling of gaps in the load with dunnage bags

No matter how good the Loading plan there will always be gaps between the loading units. In the past, these gaps were laboriously filled with so-called "wooden bracing". An individual construction was built using wood, a circular saw and screws to close the gaps. This was accompanied by injuries to the loader and also sometimes poor workmanship. For a long time, therefore, the following have proved their worth Dunnage Bagsalso called dunnage bags or air cushions. These are inflated in a very short time using compressed air or a mobile battery-powered blower. Previously placed in the stowage gap, they reliably fill the gap with a positive fit over the entire transport route.

The dunnage bags are available in various designs, depending on the requirement profile. The standard version is sufficient for a gap up to 40 cm and can fill it flexibly in width. For gaps over 40 cm, so-called 3D dunnage bags are used, which have a cubic shape and thus have considerably more contact surface to the goods. Alternatively also Double chamber dunnage bagwhich were built X-shaped can be used. Together with our brand new [R] Dually Bag with Rothschenk, you have a reliable supplier for all requirements of standard-compliant load securing.

It's the details that matter

Rothschenk accessories turn proven load securing into outstanding solutions. Well thought-out details such as edge protectors made of cardboard with oval millingThese often improve the effectiveness of the lashing enormously. The aforementioned milling serves as a holding-up function for the horizontal straps of a lashing and thus reduces slipping down of the straps during transport.

Our new battery-powered tensioner [R] LT38e performs the function of a reel tensioner, but the user no longer has to manually generate the pretensioning forces. The Milwaukee device takes over this activity with Li-Ion battery power and one-handed operation. In addition, the cordless clamp has the ability to preset the preload forces via torque selection. This allows the same torques to be reproduced again and again for recurring loads.

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