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Tools - positioning guides

(R) Tool positioning guides ease many hand movements on the loading ramp. Whether it is a telescopic gripper or a positioning guide for lashing or an edge protection angle - all our tools are of sturdy quality and absolute professional devices. Application of positioning guides: The use of Rothschenks positioning guides are manifold. Often places in a container are hard to reach, either at the mounting.....

Dunnage bag - Filling Equipment Mobile Battery Pack

Don't seek. Find! We created attractive battery blowers with all the important components of modern load security. Always compatible with our dunnage bags and individually expandable. For example, with our useful storage case system. Application of mobile battery blowers: Our sets for mobile battery blowers unify the best you get from two worlds: Professional tools for load securement with an excellent price-performance-ratio.....

edge protection - plastic double-chambered

Baustoffe stecken so einiges weg. Unsere Doppelkammer Kunststoffwinkel stehen dem in nichts nach. Leicht im Aufbau, wurden diese maximal robust konstruiert und sind in Standardlängen, sowie auf Maß erhältlich. Anwendung von Kunststoffwinkel Doppelkammer: Baustoffe zu transportieren ist eine besondere Herausforderung in der Ladungssicherung. Schwere Gewichte treffen auf raue Oberflächen und oftmals freie Bewitterung. Die dafür [...]

Lashing – Pro Lash

Only the best materials, with carefully designed solutions - this is, what features our Pro Lash. Modular construction, incorporated rubber-elements - the list of innovations is long. Applications Pro-Lash lashings: Rothschenk pro lash restraint systems are always used on the loading ramp, when high requirements are demanded for the securement with lashing systems. Our pre-assembled restraint systems for [...]

Lashing – Red Lash

A millionfold proven lash system with an attractive price-performance ratio is what characterizes our Red Lash line. Easy to use, inexpensive price but no cutbacks on security were the main priorities while developing this line. Application of Red Lash: It is our goal to give our customer a reliable restraining system for a fair price......

Lashing – White Lash

(R) White Lash is always used when light weighted goods are being sent out or should be secured cost-efficiently. By combining bag products and edge protections with special millings you don't need to do without security. Application of White Lashing Rothschenk White Lash is the first step into the world of load securement with lashing......

Lashing – Full Safety tarp

Shipping small goods in containers without the load dropping out when opening the door? Our Full Safety tarp fulfills the function of a restraint system for example for single cardboard boxes. Application for Full Safety with dunnage bag Rothschenk Lashing Full Safety is our all-over restraint system for loading containers. Sensitive and small packages can be [...]

Lashing – Full Safety Tarp

A Full Safety Tarp avoids the falling of goods when opening a container door. Consequently, you secure both the recipient and the goods. Low in cost - big impact. Applications of Full Safety Tarp: The Full Safety Tarp by Rothschenk solves a very specific problem of loading securement. How can I protect sensitive and small packages from damages? [...]

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line 3D

For gaps over 400mm conventional dunnage bags are not sufficient enough. The special 3D construction has a significant higher supporting surface for the goods and is perfect to secure loadings with gaps up to 800mm. Application of 3D dunnage bags: With the conventional dunnage bags you can reliably secure gaps up to 400mm. For everything above we recommend....

Dunnage bag – Bag Pro Line

Your demand is premium? So are our dunnage bags! Both materials and constructions make our (R) Pro Line dunnage bag the first choice when it comes to securing the load of high-quality goods. Application of dunnage bags ProLine: Dunnage bags Pro Line is our sturdy dunnage bag to fill in hollow space and gaps between the transport unit and/or the loading unit. Thanks to.......

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line

(R) Red Line dunnage bags are the price-performance-winner among our dunnage bags. Optimized materials combined with a level 1 strength and an AAR-certification makes it a first-choice product. Application of dunnage bags: Standard Dunnage Bags (R) Red Line are both efficient and inexpensive. With a level 1 certifications and approval.....

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