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It has to happen fast. All too often, safety falls by the wayside.
However, since § 22 of the StVO applies to all road users without exception, there is also a lot to consider when transporting with a van.
Last but not least, in addition to the driver, the loader is also jointly liable for property damage and personal injury should something happen.
But good load securing is not difficult. You just need the right tools.

Common products for securing cargo in the van

Load securement knowledge for load securing in the transporter

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Especially in the van sector, load securing is often underestimated or not given sufficient attention. Ignorance or time pressure can mean that too little attention is paid to load securing. A great deal of safety can be achieved by observing a few basic principles.

Jam cushion in the van?

Stowage sacks are more familiar from container shipping. There, they are used to fill stowage gaps between pallets in a form-fit manner. These dunnage pads are placed in the gap and filled by means of compressed air or mobile battery blower pumped up. Different construction methods such as a 3D design or a "Dually Bag" enable a suitable solution for every loading situation.

Why not apply this principle to load securing in the van? Experience has shown that craftsmen with dunnage bags can achieve excellent results. For example, carpenters and joiners secure their hand-built pieces of furniture, during transport to the customer with these air cushions. Thus, the often high-gloss painted surfaces do not get scratches and damage. That the edges and corners by slipping during the journey damage is also minimized.

You can find a short technical article on this here.

Use lashing straps correctly

Our lashing straps allow you to secure your goods easily and quickly. In combination with other products, the optimal protection for your cargo. The classic of load securing is the Pressure Ratchet with loose end and fixed end. Significantly simpler handling is offered by the [R] lashing strap long lever pull ratchet Ergo. This clamping device, also known as an ergo ratchet, has a longer lever and works on tension, making it easier to apply the required pretensioning forces.

An important quality feature is the fulfillment of the DIN EN 12195-2 standard. This is printed on the label of the lashing end, and if the lashing material has actually been tested for this standard, it achieves the required load values. Often, the standard is printed on cheap Far East products, but does not meet the specified values by far. How you can recognize a fake and the different lashing possibilities such as tie-down, diagonal or direct lashing as well as the correct application of a head and bay lashing can be seen in this post.

Function and benefit of an anti-slip mat

A very simple but highly effective means of load securing is the Anti-Slip Mat. The principle of operation of the anti-slip mat is based on the fact that the coefficient of friction between the vehicle floor and the goods is increased. In simple terms, when braking, friction occurs between the pallet and the vehicle floor, which slightly slows down the load unit, e.g. in the case of Euro pallets standing on a silk screen floor, the coefficient of friction is assumed to be µ=0.3. This means that the securing force from friction is 30% of the load weight. If an anti-slip mat were to be placed underneath, the coefficient of friction would increase to µ=0.6. This would correspond to a doubling of the frictional force and would mean that not so many lashing devices would be needed to achieve the same securing force. We explain the exact function of an anti-slip mat in this interesting blog post.

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