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Truck load securement - nets

Load security nets for trucks avoid that goods can be ejected if, for example the tipping trough is open. The net stretches over the whole loading area and keeps the load reliably in place. Application of load security nets: Security nets are always used, when the load is of small scale or needs to be secured extensively. The goal is to......

Lashing straps - Ergo long lever pull ratchet

In contrast to conventional pressure ratchets, a longer lever is used for the so-called "Ergo" ratchet, which reduced the required forces. Additionally, you work with "tractive" instead with "pressure". Application of long lever ratchet Ergo: Small details often makes the everyday life easier. One useful tool is our "Ergo" long lever ratchet. With its extended lever handle, the required hand force of [...]

Lashing straps - pressure ratchet

Pressure ratchets are the established method to tension lashing straps to fix goods on the loading area. Our range includes various bandwidths and -lengths as well as tensile strength. Application of pressure ratchets: Rothschenk pressure ratchets are the first choice when it comes to fast and efficient loading security on the loading area. To tension a lashing strap.....

Anti-slip mats

Anti-slip rubber is recommended as an affordable and therefore comparatively very efficient device for loading security in container and truck transport. Application of anti-slip mats: Anti-slip rubber is recommended as an affordable and therefore comparatively very efficient device for loading securement in container and truck transport. Because of the rubber the friction coefficient between the load and the pallet ....

Corner protection - paper edge

The most pressure is often on the edge of the goods. To reliably derive these forces edge protections are the first choice. As an inexpensive version cardboard edges are often fully adequate. Application of cardboard edge protection: To form an interlocking loading unit cardboard edge protections are often essential. On the one hand your goods are being protected from damaging.....

Edge protection - plastic edge single

Plastic Edge Protection have a wide range of applications. But there are also special forms for example for paper rolls, building materials or other in part very sensible goods. In our house you can find a wide range. Application of plastic edge protections: By the stretching of lashing straps over an edge, this part of the load is especially exposed to high forces.

Dunnage bags – Bag Double-Chambered

Especially large gaps in the stow cannot be filled with single dunnage bags, because they would slip out over time. For this purpose, our experts have developed a double chambered dunnage bag which does not slip and also can be filled easily. Application of double-chambered dunnage bag Greater gaps can occur in both driving directions, across and lengthways. Since they are only ...

Dunnage bag – Bag Red Line

(R) Red Line dunnage bags are the price-performance-winner among our dunnage bags. Optimized materials combined with a level 1 strength and an AAR-certification makes it a first-choice product. Application of dunnage bags: Standard Dunnage Bags (R) Red Line are both efficient and inexpensive. With a level 1 certifications and approval.....

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